Aviation Update

Aviation Update

Jessup’s Aviation program continues to soar to new heights in terms of growth and increased recognition within our region. The program began in 2020 and this year, over 70 students have already applied to be accepted for the fall term.

Jessup’s aviation department is also continuing their relationship with the city of Lincoln. The city recently leased an office in the Lincoln Airport’s flight administration building to Jessup to house their new flight simulator. Jessup flight training is now being stationed at the Auburn Airport but much of the actual flight training is done at the Lincoln Airport. 

There are plans to station several Auburn-based aircraft at soon-to-be-constructed hangars in Lincoln. Lincoln City Manager Sean Scully also noted that the city is aggressively moving forward with new hangar development, the first such construction in more than 20 years.

During a city council meeting, Jessup’s aviation program manager Lt. Col. Loo Ing (USAF, retired) presented council members with Jessup Aviator jackets for their ongoing support of the growing program. 

While Jessup’s Aviation Academy program came to a close last February, our simulator remains at the Aerospace Museum of California. Executive Director Tom Jones reported over 75,000 visitors to the facility where visitors are able to learn about Jessup’s Aviation program.