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Below are the six courses required for the Leadership Certification.

Courses (12 units)

This course equips students to serve effectively as reflective leaders. The course includes a comprehensive and holistic overview of factors inherent to the practice of Christian leadership as it pertains to one’s own mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. The student identifies and strategically addresses some of their own personal areas for growth and wholeness.

This course explores key foundational leadership principles and theories, particularly related to strategic thinking, analysis, and change management. Students assess their own leadership proclivities in light of the course material, and develop specific, strategic “next steps” for themselves.

Transformational Leadership is the most dominant values-based leadership theory of the last several decades. This course explores Transformational Leaderships key principles of idealized influence, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation, and individual consideration for Christian leadership.

This course guides students to develop greater diversity awareness. Explores the particular challenges and opportunities of leading across and through cultures, giving students deeper understanding of “privilege and power” issues associated with leadership. This course examines ways to empower across diverse gender, ethnic, socio-economic, educational, and disability spectra.

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