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Endowed Funds

If you have excess resources that can be donated, WJU may have use for your goods and services. Endowed funds and In-Kind Gifts may include: office equipment, furniture, computers and the like. Here are some advantages to sharing your In-Kind Gifts:

  • Surplus of goods – Excess goods that are not fully utilized can now be used to “Transform Tomorrow…Today”
  • Great impact at a small cost – Due to budgetary limitations WJU may not purchase the goods or materials, but through your generous donation can make an impact today
  • Corporate Responsibility – As a business owner you may no longer be in need of your goods and/or materials, but through your generous donation the materials can be used for the WJU mission

To learn more, please contact Ed Kaczmarek at or (559) 355-7243.

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Jessup’s Aviation Program Receives Generous Scholarship Gift

The Jessup Aviation program is excited to announce they recently received gifts totaling $25,000, which endow a scholarship fund for the aviation program. The George W. Towers, Jr. Memorial Endowment Fund for Aviation will provide scholarships for Jessup’s aviation students beginning in Fall 2022.  Jessup’s aviation program produces highly-skilled, industry-ready,…


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