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JESSUP: Forward in Hope

The 2022 President’s Dinner

Saturday, October 8th at 6:30pm
William Jessup University | Bernardoni Lecture Hall

Our world is desperate for transformational leaders who know Christ, know His Word and live with authenticity, inspiration, innovation and empathy. A Jesus-centered focus on education will meet the redemptive needs of our culture today and for many years to come. At Jessup, transformation occurs when students are Living in Christ, Learning in Community and becoming equipped to Lead in Culture.

We invite you to join our Christ-centered higher education journey during our President’s Dinner on Saturday, October 8. This event will highlight stories from students, alumni and faculty reflecting how our pillars – Living in Christ, Learning in Community and Leading in Culture- undergird the transformational process. We will provide opportunities to pray for and support these priorities so our culture will encounter Christ-honoring leaders in every sphere of influence, for the glory of God.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

For more information or for sponsorship inquiries please contact the Advancement Office at (916) 577-1800 or

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