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Soaring to New Heights

Andrew Butler came to Jessup with a unique background and an eagerness to further his education through a biblical lens. As a child, he was fascinated with aviation. When he started learning about video production in high school, he began making videos of aircraft, eventually creating promotional videos for airlines. This experience helped him develop a professional network and learn about airline operations. Andrew graduated with honors from Westminster College in Salt Lake City with a Bachelor of Science in education. He also earned his pilot ratings, including his Certified Flight Instructor rating. After graduation, he returned to Sacramento and began teaching students at a local flight school. 

While he was familiar with Jessup through his local church, it wasn’t until he decided to pursue an MBA that he started researching Jessup’s business program. “Jessup stood out because of its focus on integrating biblical principles into the program,” said Andrew. 

In light of the current attack of biblically-based principles and ethics in corporate America, it was important for Andrew to study in an MBA program that had a sound biblical foundation. Andrew added, “My choice was clear when I compared the Jessup MBA program against MBA programs offered at other local colleges and universities.”

Andrew credits his professors for making his learning and life experiences at Jessup rewarding and enlightening. Through their real-world experiences, mentoring, and guidance, Andrew was able to take abstract business concepts and make them more tangible and applicable. “This transfer of information and experience became especially critical when it came time to apply the concepts we learned into real-life team projects and simulations,” said Andrew. “I learned and applied many different concepts that will be valuable in my future career.”

Andrew enjoyed many aspects of his time at Jessup, including getting to know his professors, being part of a cohort of MBA students, and working with students from different backgrounds and work experiences. 

In Spring 2021, Andrew graduated from Jessup with an MBA. He is excited about planning a future where he can apply both his aviation experience and business knowledge. He also loves telling future Jessup students about his experiences in the MBA program. While he admits the program is challenging, he also believes the experience was highly rewarding. “Most anything that is valuable requires hard work and dedication. The value a student receives from Jessup’s MBA program is a direct function of the work and dedication put into the effort,” said Andrew. “Put the effort in and you can realize a great reward.”

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