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Professor Spotlight – Ed Rice

Professor Ed Rice brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Jessup’s School of Business. For many years, he managed a $2.4B net revenue portfolio providing services to many Fortune 100 companies like HP, SalesForce, P&G, Samsung, Nestle, and Nokia. He ran a mergers and acquisitions startup company hosted by HP to $240M in net revenue in one year and was one of the architects of the World Wide Web (W3C technical architect). 

Students in Professor Rice’s Business Strategy, Project Management, and Global Operations and Supply Chain courses participate in class discussions, regularly pitch ideas and present them to the class, analyze weekly news, and walk through current “real-world” events, contacting leaders and learning from them.

“I share what I know and explain why it’s so important to understand (not just learn). I love explaining how all these ‘parts’ connect in a way that the whole is greater than the sum, said Professor Rice. “If you take my classes you’ll be able to take on any business challenge.”

We had the opportunity to sit down with Professor Rice and learn a little more about his background, how he’s helping students become transformational leaders, and what he hopes his business students will take with them when they leave his classroom. 

How long have you taught at Jessup?

I started teaching at Jessup in 2016.

What specific job/life experiences do you bring to the classroom?

  • Managed a $2.4B net revenue portfolio providing services to most of the Fortune 100 companies with 180,000 employees
  • Managed the HPE/HPI technology operations center (splitting the 16th largest company in the world into two fortune 50 companies in 9 months, over 300 countries)
  • Ran a startup to $240M in net revenue in one year
  • Managed more than 90 mergers and acquisitions globally
  • Managed operations for HP Networking with double-digit growth every quarter that I managed them
  • Responsible for digital marketing at Hewlett Packard (VP)
  • One of the architects of the worldwide web (W3C technical architect)
  • Ordained in 2006
  • VP of Technology at Educational Media Foundation (1000+ radio stations, 10th largest streamer globally)
  • Built seven successful startups
  • Husband and Dad

What’s a prominent business issue/challenge our world is facing today and how are you preparing your students to face this challenge?

The world is largely managed by large corporations. They impact our lives more than our state or federal governments at times. How different would the world be if we had Christian leadership leading the Fortune 100 companies?

How are you helping students become transformational leaders in the workforce and in life?

I emphasize the role of leadership. Being a good leader is so important. Being a good leader who knows how a balance sheet works, can manage any project, and always thinks strategically will not only change the student but whatever tasks they take on.

Complete the following sentence: “Every Jessup business student should leave my classroom knowing…”

How important it is to bring Christian values to the workplace, how to maintain those values, and how to use those values to succeed.

When you’re not teaching at Jessup, how do you like to spend your free time?

I’m a husband and dad. It’s the best job ever. I’m also the county co-chair in Nevada County for 4H. I run sound for the Christian Youth Theatre and help some of my students as they start their business adventures.

Jessup’s business professors are the backbone of the department. They encourage intuitive thinking, innovation, and action while presenting business principles through a biblical worldview. For more information about Jessup’s School of Business, visit them at 

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