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Guided by Hope, An Advent Devotional

Has there been a time in history when people needed more hope in their lives?

Certainly there have been tougher times than we are going through right now. However, with Covid-19, raging fires that have destroyed homes and businesses, political division in our nation, and racial tensions that have caused unbridled anger among mankind, we could all use a little hope concerning the future.

Advent is the season that brings us the hope we need. Hope for a better future, hope for peace among men, and hope in heaven because of the hope we have in a Savior who is Christ the Lord.

Starting Tuesday, December 1, please join us for a 24-day Advent devotional as told by our esteemed Faculty of Theology and Christian Leadership professors.

May you be blessed with great joy as you read more about the hope of this Advent season.

Jim Jessup
Director of Church Relations

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