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Transformational Leadership with Daniel Gluck, Ph.D.

After experiencing his own life transformation in college, Professor Daniel Gluck knew he wanted to help other students experience it too. After more than a decade serving as the Campus Ministries Director, Daniel now teaches full time in Jessup’s School of Christian Leadership. It’s a pleasure to welcome Daniel to our Q&A discussion today.

How many years have you been at Jessup?

16 years

What classes do you teach at Jessup?

I teach in the School of Christian Leadership. I teach the following classes: Self Leadership, Leading in Organizations, Innovation & Leadership, Leadership in Global Society, Intercultural Communication, Leadership & Justice, Poverty & Development, Managing Organizational Change (ADC), Organizational Leadership (MAL), Organizational Communication (MAL), among others.

Describe your path to teaching

I started out as a worship leader. I began leading worship at a Christian university and fell in love with the college environment and student development. I was transformed in college and LOVED being a part of other students’ transformation. After serving 11 years as a Campus Ministries director, adjunct teaching, etc, I completed my Ph.D. and had an opportunity to transition to a full-time faculty role in Ministry/Leadership. I love it!!

What’s unique about your online teaching style?

Online classes can sometimes feel stodgy and awkward. As an online professor, I do my best to keep things as casual as possible. I try to create a culture in which students can interrupt during “LIVE” sessions and work to make things as personal as possible through emails, humor, etc.

What do you like most about the online learning mode at Jessup?

It’s wonderful for students and faculty to have the flexibility to study during preferred times and at their preferred locations. Additionally, students who don’t always speak up in a classroom environment feel more empowered to chime into online discussions, etc. I love grading papers or contributing to conversations from various locations – traveling abroad, a hammock in my backyard, or my “formal” office.

How can a student get the most out of an online learning experience?

It’s sometimes easier in an online environment to “lay low” and just meet the minimum requirements. Students who thrive the most take advantage of connecting with professors outside of class through virtual meetings, face-to-face meet-ups, and so forth. They stay on top of discussions and interact with their classmates in a specific and personal way!

In addition to teaching at Jessup, do you (did you) have another career?

While I serve in a number of other ministries, I do not have a formal career outside of Jessup.

How are you using your “real-world” experience to help students in your program?

I have had the privilege of serving with a number of nonprofits and ministries in over 30 countries. I constantly work to incorporate “real-world” experiences into discussions about culture, globalization, nonprofit leadership, etc. I believe that these passions breathe life into my teaching and passion breeds engagement.

How do you integrate faith into an online learning environment?

During “synchronous” classes (live and together), I try to approach a class in the same way I would approach a traditional class. I work to connect with students personally about struggles, prayer requests, etc. I regularly share with the class joys and trials I’m experiencing and how God is speaking to me through them. Additionally, I’m always looking for ways to connect biblical principles to leadership, culture, etc.

What three people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?

The Apostle Paul – I love his raw passion and the way he regularly stuck his foot in his mouth. I’d love to see his personality in real life!

Nelson Mandela – I have been very influenced by his life, sacrifice, and transformational leadership.

Hudson Taylor – I love missionary biographies and stories and would love to hear directly about how Taylor embodied Jesus in China and influenced the Chinese church for decades to come!

For more information about Jessup’s School of Christian Leadership, please visit their page


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