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Go Finish that College Degree

We’ve all had “what if” moments in our lives, especially when it comes to finishing our college degree. “What ifs” keep us up at night. They hinder progress and prevent us from following our dreams and achieving lifelong goals. But “what if” completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree on your time and schedule was possible? Wouldn’t it be worth checking out? 

While completing a bachelor’s degree might seem like a lofty goal, it’s much more attainable than you may think. At Jessup, we want you to succeed. That’s why we develop adult completion programs specifically designed for success. Jessup offers both on-campus and online bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Through our adult degree completion program, you’ll work with experienced instructors who will help you develop a schedule and choose courses unique to your individual needs and goals. Students enrolled in Jessup’s adult degree completion programs have opportunities to network with colleagues and professionals in their areas of interest. They’ll earn degrees built on high academic standards and biblical principles. 

Many prospective adult degree completion students have some questions about Jessup’s onsite and online degree programs. Is an adult degree completion different than a standard bachelor’s degree? Can I take all my classes online? Before you begin the application process, we recommend attending one of our informational sessions. Learn more at

In these informational sessions, you’ll hear how our flexible adult completion programs can fit your schedule and learn about available scholarships, grants, and financial aid. We also invite current students to talk about our online degree programs and how they balance school and work. If you’re nervous about going back to college or would like to learn more about our onsite and online degree programs, check out our adult degree completion page

Going back to school and completing your college degree is a personal and life-changing decision. Whether you’re hoping to start a new career, advance in your current position, or finally finish a degree you started years ago, Jessup has a degree completion program that’s right for you. 

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