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Top 5 Sports Management Jobs

Whether you’re an athlete looking for a career related to sports or a non-athlete with a keen interest in sports careers, a job in sports management could be a fit for you. Sports management is a growing field at the intersection of sports and business. It requires deep business knowledge, as well as prowess in contract negotiation, sales and sports in general.

Here is a look at five of the top Sports Management jobs, what the position entails, how much you’ll earn and how to get started in the field.

1. Sports Agent 

Professional sports agents handle the business and legal deals for professional athletes, negotiate contracts and salaries, including benefits, and they help athletes manage their earnings. In many cases, they locate and sign emerging talent for college and professional teams. Part of that process could include negotiating scholarships in addition to a contract. They can also secure other revenue-generating activities, such as endorsements. The end-goal for sports agents is to help their clients succeed in their sport, profit financially and have an enduring career beyond the playing field.

All of these activities require deep knowledge of the sport plus skills in negotiation, contract law, financial planning and relationship management. The average salary for sports agents is reported to be $59,287 but varies depending on which sports and at what level (collegiate versus professional) they recruit and represent.

2. Inside Sales Representative 

Inside sales representatives usually work on a business-to-business (B2B) basis for a specific team or venue, and their role is to secure the revenue stream and fill seats. They don’t sell individual tickets. Instead, they seek out companies that will buy costlier packages, which can include selling corporate blocks of tickets, securing sales of stadium boxes, luxury seating accommodations and large events.

Median reported salary for an inside sales representative is reported to be $42,145, but that number can increase depending on employer and tenure.

3. Athletic Director

Athletic directors are administrators at many clubs, universities and larger schools who oversee the work of coaches and related staff involved in athletic programs. They hire and fire team coaches and personnel, set budgets and approve practice, travel and game schedules. They guide the athletic program and leave the day to day to coaches and team managers.

Athletic directors are also responsible for compliance with legal, ethical and conference regulations. The median salary for this position is reported to be $59,648, but earnings vary by the organization, budget and the size and scope of the programs.

4. Sports Marketing Manager 

Sports marketing managers manage the marketing strategy of a particular team or venue. The overarching mission of sports marketing is to build and maintain brand loyalty to a specific team. These marketers promote sporting events, merchandise, products and services related to the team or an event. Responsibilities and duties vary by experience and level of the role, but they may include coordinating strategies, building relationships with media outlets and evaluating a campaign’s performance and troubleshooting those that underperform.

The median salary for a general marketing manager is reported to be $63,359, and the salary for a sports marketing coordinator, and entry-level position, is reported to be $41,968.

5. Sporting Event Promoter 

Sporting event promoters work for a team, organization or venue and is vital to marketing success and revenue production. From planning to organization, promoters encourage success of games, tournaments, exhibitions and special events, such as fan days. Duties for this position can include acquiring permits, marketing, facilitating ticket sales, fundraising and branding.

Glassdoor reported the average salary for an event promoter to be $50,263.

Get Started in Sports Management

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