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Can I get my MBA Online?

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? If you are motivated to step up your business career, you may be interested to find out you can earn your Master’s of Business Administration online! That’s right, you can earn your MBA while you continue working your day job - so you can get ahead, without falling behind. William Jessup University offers…

Vietnam, Monkees, and Classic Reruns

Julius Rex Gurney III, professor of History and voice of reason, joins the show for the first time in his role as an esteemed cohost. Mark and Rex are joined by friend of the show Derek Martin, director of the Theater Arts program. The three dicuss the role of generational influence on pop culture and the church.

Identity & Originality

Psychology Professor Richard Mullis rejoins Mark to discuss the role of orignitality in identity. Together Mark and Richard examine the writings of Adrian van Kaam, a mid-twentieth century, Dutch, catholic priest who wrote extensively on the topic of identity and spiritual formation. His unique definition of originality guides the episode and grounds a proper understanding of our uniqueness and our Divine origin in God.

Is William Jessup University Nationally Ranked?

Did you know that William Jessup University is a top ranked university, as determined by the U.S. News and World Report? That’s right, in their 2019 annual rankings, U.S. News named William Jessup University the #2 Regional College of the West, the #2 Best College for Veterans, and the #4 Best Value School. U.S. News ranks schools according to their performance across a set…

Should I go back to school?

Complete your Degree with Jessup’s Adult Degree Completion Many of us live with a sense of unfinished business. If you started college, but weren’t able to complete your coursework and earn your degree, you may have a desire to someday return to school. You may have thought about it for years now; what are you waiting for? If you’re finally ready to take that…

Identity in Christ

Psychology Professor Richard Mullis joins Mark to explore the often noted yet also often misunderstood concept of identity in Christ. Over the last decade the church has stressed finding your identity in Christ but it has not always clearly defined what is meant by the phrase. Appealing to their shared spritual formation backgrounds, Mark and Richard look to define what it is and what…

Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus

Bonhoeffer scholar and Christian ethicist Reggie Williams sits down with Mark to discuss Dietrich Bonhoeffer's experience in Harlem in 1930-31 which provided a foundation for Bonhoeffer's resistance of the racism of the Third Reich. Bonhoeffer has much to say to the church today regarding race relations and speaking out against injustice for the sake of others.

Monotheism in Ancient Hebrew Culture

Cynthia Schaefer Elliot, Professor of Hebrew Scriptures & Archaeology, joins Mark and Professor Libby Backfish to discuss how monotheism was understood in ancient Hebrew culture. Within the discussion it becomes apparent that our current English definition of monotheism misrepresents its usage in ancient Hebrew culture. Instead of stressing the exitstence of one God, ancient Hebrews were called to the worship of one God, a…

Why Is Psychology Such A Popular Major?

A trend in education that has seemed to hold steady over the past few decades is a consistent interest in the field of Psychology. According to estimates, between 1.2 million and 1.6 million undergraduates take introductory psychology classes each year (American Psychologist), and many of those students go on to become psychology majors. Either because of an inherent interest in human nature, or because…

What is Addiction Studies?

It has become impossible to ignore or deny any longer that addiction is widespread in the United States and having devastating impacts. Addiction and substance abuse are so prevalent in today’s society, there are no longer sectors of society untouched by this slowly unraveling tragedy. Today, more than ever, we need qualified, compassionate individuals to provide addiction treatment and therapy. Almost fifteen years ago,…

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