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Jessup Alumni Association

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Alumni Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter is a great way to stay up to date on upcoming events and resources available to you as an alumni of the university. If you would like to be added to our distribution list please send an email to with your request.

William Jessup University’s Alumni Association is a network dedicated to telling the stories of individuals who are part of the Jessup Family. If you graduated from San Jose Bible College, San Jose Christian College or William Jessup University, or if you have completed 24 units, you are a part of this community. Update your contact information to hear about exciting news and events and how you can get involved and tell your Jessup Story.

Marissa Cho

Alumni/Parent Relations Officer
(916) 577-1803

Welcome Jessup Alum,

Serving as the Alumni Relations Officer, my hope and commitment is to encourage lifelong relationships of involvement, participation, and stewardship between alumni and the university. My goal is to provide resources to foster and strengthen this relationship through the development of new programs, alumni forums and events. I desire to meet with alumni personally, hearing their stories, interests and needs, and plan to format the WJU Alumni Association accordingly. I hope to maintain and build upon the longstanding, positive relationships we have with SJBC/SJCC alumni; increasing participation and bridging a relationship between those alumni with recent chapters of alumni from WJU.

It is my utmost desire that you stay connected with and involved in this community throughout your post-grad days. The ever-growing nature of this institution is exciting and I invite you to join in with it! To ask questions, give suggestions, or to get started sharing your personal SJBC/SJCC/WJU story, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from and being acquainted with you!


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