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Tuition Guarantee

During these uncertain times, Jessup stands together in hope with our students by guaranteeing locked-in tuition for our traditional undergraduate students.

As we move forward in faith through uncharted territory, Jessup remains firmly committed to our students through three unchanging values: 

  1. Everything we do is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
  2. We remain “One Jessup”, a connected community (face-to-face and digital) with a united mission.
  3. Our graduates are exceptionally employable.

As part of our care and commitment to Jessup students, we’re pleased to announce that tuition will be locked for all traditional undergraduate students continuously enrolled full time.

Jessup undergraduate students can pursue their educational goals knowing their tuition will stay the same throughout their remaining years at Jessup.

In addition to this tuition lock, Jessup’s traditional undergraduate seniors will be awarded a $500 scholarship. We’re amazed at what our seniors have done throughout their educational journey at Jessup and thankful our graduates are leading the way and redeeming world culture. 

We understand there may be needs that go beyond these measures. As a community standing together in hope, Jessup’s financial aid counselors are committed to partnering with each student to determine how newly available financial aid may play a role in achieving their education goals.

For students enrolled in a non-traditional program through Jessup’s online and degree completion modes of instruction, we are hard at work developing new financial aid initiatives to support the achievement of your academic goals. Jessup cares about each and every student and commits to remain faithful to our mission of raising up transformational leaders for the glory of God. We understand this is a time of cultural and financial concern and we commit to standing together in hope and boldly stepping forward together in faith.

“Tuition Lock.” Eligible students participating in the “Tuition Lock” will be able maintain the same tuition rate for the eligible period of time. “Tuition Lock” is available to all Rocklin-campus students enrolled, full-time, in Jessup’s Traditional Undergraduate Degree Programs (“Eligibility”). Tuition Lock shall remain in effect until the completion of the student’s first undergraduate degree or until student loses eligibility, whichever occurs first (“Eligibility Period”). At the end of the Eligibility Period, Tuition Lock shall terminate and student is subject to then-current tuition pricing for additional Jessup Degree Programs.

“Senior Scholarship.” A “Senior Scholarship” of up to $500 for the 2020/2021 Academic Year is available to all Jessup seniors enrolled, full time, in Jessup’s Traditional Undergraduate Degree Program. Students are considered “Seniors” if they have completed 90 or more units by the end of Spring 2020 Semester. Amount of Senior Scholarship shall be calculated and applied based on the standards set forth in the University’s Institutional Aid Policy. Senior Scholarship shall not be combined with any other University scholarships, credits, and/or financial aid which would result in a negative Tuition balance.

Guarantee your tuition at Jessup for Fall 2020

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