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DEC. 24 | Hope of Redemption

In 1855, pastor John Sullivan Dwight translated a popular French Christmas carol called “Cantique de Noël.” Over 150 years later, “Oh Holy Night” continues to be one of the most beloved English carols. This hymn powerfully combines rich, deep theology with a complex, moving melody that engages both the minds and hearts of its singers. Is it just me who gets emotional when I…

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DEC. 23 | Hope and Christmas Chaos

Israel was bustling under a haughty King Herod. Commerce was flowing; goods were being produced, stored, imported, and exported. Palaces, fortresses, and temples were under construction, and Israel was becoming a moving piece within the Roman wheel of industry and technology. In Luke 2:1-5, we journey with Joseph and Mary to the central moment of the Advent story at Bethlehem, anxious for what God…

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DEC. 22 | Hope and Racial Reconciliation

James Mbugua is a tall, dark man, hailing from one of Kenya’s 42 tribes, the Kikuyu. The Kikuyu rose to power after Kenyan independence in the 1960s, receiving desirable jobs and prized land throughout the country, including the fertile Rift Valley. Animosity toward them lingered, however, due to jealousy from other groups, especially the Kalenjin, who believed the prized Rift Valley land belonged to…

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DEC. 21 | Hope Amidst Broken Relationships

As a therapist and substance use disorder specialist, I see firsthand the damage and pain of broken relationships in marriages, families, society, nature, and ourselves. For each person suffering through a broken relationship, holidays are at best bittersweet and bring out the hurt and loneliness we normally pack away in the bottom of our travel bag of life. Anger, anxiety, disgust, guilt, and loathing…

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DEC. 20 | Hope and Joy

“But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people’” (Luke 2:10). If you’ve ever watched an episode of the sci-fi show “Doctor Who,” you know that the Tardis is his magical spaceship, allowing him to travel through space and time. You also know that on the outside, the Tardis…

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