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Q & A

Mark and Rex charge into the dangerous territory of student questions. Without preparation or forethought, they attempt to answer a question drawn from a collection of theology students. <hr /> <div style="background-color: #ffffff; padding: 20px;"> <h2>TRANSCRIPT</h2> 0:09 Hey, welcome to…

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Parental Advisory

Mark goes rogue and delivers his first solo episode. Don't tell Rex. TRANSCRIPT 0:00 Welcome to Jessup think I'm your host, Mark Moore. And today on the episode, I am going rogue. 0:13 going solo, this will be our first…

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Sex & Christian Culture Pt 2

Beloved psychology professor Erin Ambrose joins Mark and Rex for part 2 of their discussion on sex and Christian culture. <hr /> <div style="background-color: #ffffff; padding: 20px;"> <h2>TRANSCRIPT</h2> 0:01 Welcome to Jessup think I'm your host Mark Moore and your…

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The War on Christmas

Mark and Rex reflect on the holiday season while addressing the true war on Christmas. TRANSCRIPT 0:05 Welcome to Jessup think I'm your host Mark Maher and your co host Rex Gurney and racks it is Christmas time. I 0:11…

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