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Approaching the Old Testament Law

Dr. Libby Backfish joins Mark and Rex to discuss another area of the Old Testament that we often misread: the Law. Dr. Backfish encourages us to look at the Law through a covanental lens. TRANSCRIPT 0:01 Welcome to Jessup think…

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Monotheism in Ancient Hebrew Culture

Cynthia Schaefer Elliot, Professor of Hebrew Scriptures & Archaeology, joins Mark and Professor Libby Backfish to discuss how monotheism was understood in ancient Hebrew culture. Within the discussion it becomes apparent that our current English definition of monotheism misrepresents its…

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New Testament Authors & the Hebrew Scriptures

In this episode Mark is joined by Assistant Professor of Hebrew Scriptures Libby Backfish to explore how we should approach New Testament authors use of the Hebrew Scriptures, particularly prophetic messages. The New Testament authors appear to be reading the…

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