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Summer Rerun: David Van Drunen

<p>Dr. David VanDrunen from Westminster Seminary California joins Mark and Rex to discuss his recent book, Politics after Christendom. 0:00 Hey, everyone. Welcome to the Jessup thing podcast. I'm Taylor, the producer of the show. I'm here to let you know that these summer episodes are reruns of previous episodes from season two of the show. These were handpicked by Mark and Rex themselves.&hellip;</p>
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Season 2 Finale

<p>Mark and Rex finish out Season 2 strong with a recap of a year like no other and a look toward the vast possibilities of the future. TRANSCRIPT 0:01 Welcome to Jessup think I'm your host, Mark Moore and your co host Rex Gurney on racks we have come to the end of a season. So we're finishing up season two. And so on&hellip;</p>
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The State of the Church Moving Forward

<p>Jessup President John Jackson and noted social commentator and teacher Ed Stetzer join the show to discuss the state of the Church as we move forward from 2020. TRANSCRIPT 0:01 Welcome to Jessup think I'm your host, Mark Moore. And our guests on the show today are dr. john Jackson, the president of William Jessup University, and Dr. Ed stetzer. Dr. stetzer, is a&hellip;</p>
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