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Preserving Our Religious Freedoms with a Civil Voice

A Disciple's Responsibility to Engage in a Contentious and Challenging Public Square

An Interfaith 3-Conference Series on Religious Freedom

Presented by:
The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento
William Jessup University
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Dr. John Jackson

"I invite you to join me on November 16th"

Elder Paul Watkins

"Preserve our Religious Freedom by working together"

Jon Fish

"It will be a wonderful event!"

Bishop Soto

"Please join us for this important discussion."

Conference Series


Friday, November 16th 7pm
The Chapel on Temple Hill
2100 California Circle,
Rancho Cordova CA 95743

Keynote Speaker: Dr. John Mark Reynolds


John Mark Reynolds is the President and founder of The Saint Constantine School, an innovative kindergarten through college program. He is a senior fellow in the humanities at The King’s College (NYC) and a fellow at the Center for Science and the Renewal of Culture at the Discovery Institute.He served as the provost at HBU where he helped found both the nationally recognized apologetics and cinema and new media arts programs. He was the founder the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University.Reynolds is the author and editor of several books and numerous chapters and articles. He writes daily at a Patheos Evangelical on Eidos. John Mark has been married to Hope for over thirty years and they are are the parents of four adult children. John Mark N Reynolds PhD

President The Saint Constantine School Senior Fellow in the Humanities The King’s College, New York City

Coming Soon
Conference Series 2: March 2019
Conference Series 3: Summer 2019

Locations and Speakers TBA

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