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Passion, Calling, and Life

Mark and Rex tackle the topic of vocation or calling. There are many things that can occupy our time, but what are we called to do. Finding one's true vocation is the key to a fulfilling life. Rex and Mark…

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Vietnam, Monkees, and Classic Reruns

Julius Rex Gurney III, professor of History and voice of reason, joins the show for the first time in his role as an esteemed cohost. Mark and Rex are joined by friend of the show Derek Martin, director of the…

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Identity & Originality

Psychology Professor Richard Mullis rejoins Mark to discuss the role of orignitality in identity. Together Mark and Richard examine the writings of Adrian van Kaam, a mid-twentieth century, Dutch, catholic priest who wrote extensively on the topic of identity and…

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Identity in Christ

Psychology Professor Richard Mullis joins Mark to explore the often noted yet also often misunderstood concept of identity in Christ. Over the last decade the church has stressed finding your identity in Christ but it has not always clearly defined…

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Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus

Bonhoeffer scholar and Christian ethicist Reggie Williams sits down with Mark to discuss Dietrich Bonhoeffer's experience in Harlem in 1930-31 which provided a foundation for Bonhoeffer's resistance of the racism of the Third Reich. Bonhoeffer has much to say to…

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Monotheism in Ancient Hebrew Culture

Cynthia Schaefer Elliot, Professor of Hebrew Scriptures & Archaeology, joins Mark and Professor Libby Backfish to discuss how monotheism was understood in ancient Hebrew culture. Within the discussion it becomes apparent that our current English definition of monotheism misrepresents its…

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Two Kinds of Protestantism

History Professor and Theology award winner Julius Rex Gurney III sits down with Mark to discuss the reason for two different kinds of Protestants today. In North America, Protestants can be broken down into two major groups: Mainline and Evangelical.…

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Transformational Leadership

In this episode Mark is joined by the Dean of the School of Christian Leadership and Faculty of Theology David Timms. David has taught and written extensively on the topic of leadership and offers a succinct and timely explanation of…

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New Testament Authors & the Hebrew Scriptures

In this episode Mark is joined by Assistant Professor of Hebrew Scriptures Libby Backfish to explore how we should approach New Testament authors use of the Hebrew Scriptures, particularly prophetic messages. The New Testament authors appear to be reading the…

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