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Join Professors Mark Moore and Rex Gurney from William Jessup University for engaging conversations with guests about cultural and theological topics and their impact on people and society.

Featured: Identity in Christ

Season 1, Episode 9    |   37 min

About the Podcast

When Jessup Think, William Jessup University’s first podcast, began recording episodes in early September 2018, the goal was simple: to showcase the talented faculty and staff of Jessup, interact with prominent guests, and prompt deeper reflection on issues of spiritual life, theology, and biblical studies. The podcast officially launched in January 2019 with the release of four episodes with biweekly releases of new episodes after that.

Topics covered range from cultural engagement, Old and New Testament studies, ancient spiritual practices, sexuality, gender, environmental ethics, and matters of formation and psychology. We have hosted several Jessup faculty members as well as outside guests, notably Dr. Reggie Williams of McCormick Theological Seminary, Dr. Michelle Lee-Barnewell of Talbot School of Theology, Dr. David VanDrunen of Westminster Seminary California, and Kevin Adler, the CEO and founder of the non-profit Miracle Messages.


Latest Episode

The Color of Compromise

New York Times’ Bestselling author, Jemar Tisby, joins Mark and Rex to discuss his book The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism.

Season 1, Episode 45    |  50 min

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Meet the Hosts

Mark Moore

Mark has taught New Testament and theology at Jessup for ten years, specializing in spiritual formation, pop culture, and contemporary theology. He is married and has two teenage sons. Mark enjoys the writings of Karl Barth, Dostoyevsky, and Henri Nouwen, the music of Frank Sinatra, and a hot cup of lemon tea.

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Rex Gurney

Rex has taught History and Philosophy at Jessup for 17 years.  He still feels like a Jessup newbie…but apparently he isn’t. He is also married and has two grown sons. Rex’s musical tastes are extremely eclectic (anyone for bossa nova versions of Guns ‘n Roses songs — they’re amazing!) He has tried to read Dostoyevsky…but unfortunately his ADHD leaves him unable to finish long Russian novels.

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