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PC Walker: Childlike Fascination

Jessup Chapel
Jessup Chapel
PC Walker: Childlike Fascination

PC Walker delivers a message on having a childlike fascination with our Creator God.


Hey, before I jump in, I want to pray. And then I want to share with you a few things that when we talk about fascination, with, with who God is, and just that desire within us to have a some sense of fascination and some sense of adventure is really strikes me. So I have some things I just want to share with you this morning. But before I do, I need to pray. So let’s pray for a moment. God, thank you for this opportunity to come together. It is a blessing. Even though we wonder whether it feels that way all the time, but it is a blessing that you have given us the opportunity to gather together. Every time we gather together, we get to remind one another that everything we know about you, everything we know about your gospel, everything we know about, about who you are is still true. No matter what happens outside of here. So the blessing to come together. At least here three times a week is incredible. So we praise you for that opportunity. We ask God that we see you that we hear you. Whether that has anything to do with a word out of my mouth. To speak at all is grace, but to talk about a gospel that I’m still trying to learn, and I’m still trying to live out that is amazing grace to me. So we praise you for who you are. Let us see, let us hear you. And we pray this in Jesus name. Amen. Have you ever sat on the shore of the ocean? and looked out on an endless horizon? And just felt small? Have you ever looked out the window of an aeroplane? To see the quilted ground below with all of its patches and shapes and colors and felt like I’m a very small part of what happens around here? Have you ever thought about the countless people who have lived before you and the exponential more who will live after you? And many of which who will probably never know who you are? Have you ever gone up away from the light pollution of a city to sit under the stars? Have you ever seen pictures in a textbook that look beyond our atmosphere and see into an expansive universe that our great grandparents could not have even imagined? Have you ever gone out on a beautiful day or night and just looked up into the sky with some sense of astonishment. Maybe you’ve seen an original Picasso. Maybe you’ve just seen something or heard something that moved you, every person who goes to these places can say that they’ve seen them, they can say I’ve seen each of these things, but some I’ve only seen it with their eyes, and there are others who have seen it with their soul. And they can go to the same place. And some people give it a passing glance. And there are other people who have made sacred moments out of those spaces in this beginning to get at what it means for us to engage the heart that lies beneath the machine parts that we build up. And some people have a way of living deeply. They just have a way of about them that lives fully. It lives deeply. They have the same circumstances that they’re facing as we are they breathe the same air, but they have this crazy ability to see more, to experience more, and to actually enjoy more in the presence of incredible things. And incredible beauty. You have to feel bad for people who are in such a hurry that they don’t fully appreciate the beauty that’s right in front of them. And I wonder if God feels that way, as he unveils things in front of us every day. I mean, even if you just look at the creation story in Genesis, you see that the very first reaction to creation was God’s own reaction to his own creation, the artist reveals his dramatic masterpiece. And his reaction is the refrain that we see repeated at the end of every creation day God looked at all that he had made and said it is very good. God has in awe of his own creation. That’s nuts. He is in wonderment of his own work.

And you read further and you see that somebody like David had this same habit. He had the habit of doing this he would he would sing and he would write what his mind could heart and his heart could actually muster He would do whatever he could. And he didn’t even have the technology that we have today to see distant galaxies and distant worlds. He only looked at the sky that we all see and felt astonishingly small. Begin to picture David for a moment, taking a stroll, maybe outside at night, he may have his fingers and are locked behind his head, just walking, taking a stroll, staring up into the sky, he can only think of God in that moment. And he lets out an amazed sigh. And says, Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name. In all the earth, you have set your glory above the heavens, out of the mouth of babies and infants, you have established strength because of your foes to still the enemy and the Avenger. When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon in the stars which you have set in place, What is man, that you are mindful of him, and the Son of Man that you care for him. Yet you have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor you have given him dominion over the works of your hands, you have put all things under his feet are sheep and oxen, and also the beasts of the field, the birds in the heavens and the flesh of the sea, whatever passes along the paths of the seas, oh Lord,

our Lord, how

majestic is your name. And all of the the Psalm is a hymn that celebrates and attempts to give as much honor to God as He can possibly muster up, David is taken up with astonishment at this moment of awe that he feels so small in that moment, when was the last time that you were stricken? With just how small you are? David begins to wonder at the character of God, the identity of God, this throws David into a relational encounter with God. In this moment of being utterly small and insignificant, he is also simultaneously met with this expansive God in an emotional relational reality. He cries out for someone that he cannot see. And yet he is still met there in a relational pursuit. That is happening in this moment. He starts off by addressing god, oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name, which is to say, I don’t even have the words. And the words that I do have fall really flat when I try to describe you, when I try to grasp you, when I try to take any sense of hold of you. A sense of awe and amazement is often all you need, to me God in a real way. How often will children tell us about a God that we have forgotten years ago? Children have this phenomenally real encounter with God every day. And it’s not because they’re naive little kids, it’s because they have a sense of trust, and a sense of all that we lost years ago. God has this bizarre Kingdom containing only the humble and only the people who are willing to realize just how small they are. And then you realize how small they are. And then you see somebody like David, who knew that in verse two, when he said, from the lips of children and infants, you have ordained praise. Wonder in our, our primitive emotions for the human being so primal, within us that it is our creators reaction to his own creation, I will never forget. The moment that I held each of my kids in my hands for the first time. I will never forget the wide rolling crashing waves of the wide open ocean out off of the coast of Mexico. I’ll never forget the scene under the bowl of stars and Avon, Colorado up away from all of the light pollution. And I will never forget standing in each of those places, because of what I saw in those moments. Have you ever had an epiphany like that, like a moment when heaven just seemed to invade Earth. Because in those moments, that the presence of God just feels almost tangible for you. And in those moments, you have to thank God for moments like those. If you’ve had a moment like that you have to thank God for the moments like those because in those moments, you are discovering something deeper and greater than just what you see. Because in those moments, there is a glimpse of what it means to love God with all of your soul. It’s a natural reaction for you to stand in awe and wonder of moments and scenes and and in moments like those because in that time You are actually doing exactly what God was doing in the beginning when he looked at his own creation, we are doing more than just reacting, we are actually loving God with all of our soul. Most of us have lost large parts of our soul. When we lose a sense of awe and wonder, we lose a piece of our soul. Because it’s a lack of love. When I lose a sense of awe and wonder, the machine is being built around my heart, when I lose a sense of awe. and wonder, could it be possible that we’ve only given God a passing glance? Instead of really knowing what it means to realize how holy he is? Could it be possible that we have settled for a God who fits into our constraints, instead of the God of Ephesians 320, who is able to do immeasurably more than you could ever think or imagine. I can remember as a child being afraid of these things called thunderstorms. And I know that these Californians that I’ve lived with for a number of years now or like, we know what thunderstorms are. And I can tell you, after living 15 years out here, away from the Midwest, No, you don’t.

thunderstorms are these things in the Midwest that literally shake the walls and the floors of your building and of your home. rain pours down within an incredible force that you can even feel that shake your walls. And as a child, you are terrified of a thunderstorm, you know, as a child that that Thunder is going to kill you. And that the only place that is safe, was course mom and dad’s bed. And so you will risk your life to run from your bed to mom and dad’s bed at whatever cost, and you run as fast as you can. And it’s almost like you are running so fast that you are like this soldier in this incredible movie who’s somehow miraculously able to run faster than like speeding bullets, because you have to get to mom and dad’s bad because I am terrified of the thunder that will kill me. You know who Nikola Tesla is right? Not the car stuff. But he’s one of history’s most phenomenal inventors most famously known for the alternating current. And he is recorded to have had a ritual during thunderstorms, in which he would sit on a couch near a window. And every time lightning struck, he would rise to his feet and applaud

God. One genius small G, giving a standing ovation to another. When was the last time that you clapped for a storm.

Thank God for a baby smile. Were that you were in awe of the fall colors, or the mountains in front of you, or the wide open ocean of something. I mean, now I can get thunderstorm on an ambient sound noise that is meant to make me go to sleep. And I’ve lost a tremendous amount of for a thunderstorm. I love thunderstorms, but I don’t fear for my life. I’ve lost a sense of awe, David would frequently look into the sky with wonder and awe but it always was an amazement of who God is. He was so astonished and unable to grasp it all at once. He’s so overwhelmed with the presence of God in those moments that he can only ask a very important question in verse four that I want us to make sure we walk away with today. What is man that you are mindful of him? There is more than just growing your soul that happens in a moment of awe and wonder. It’s more than just loving God with all of your soul. This is worship that we’re talking about. Worship, in its most primitive definition, is standing in awe and wonder of who God is. It’s standing in awe of the Creator. How often on these mornings when we come into this big room? Do you come in here with an expectation that I will stand in awe of who God is? How often do you allow yourself to be more concerned with sitting in wonder who God is and how exponentially powerful and phenomenal he is in your life? And all around you. Thomas Carlyle, a 19th century essayist, said worship is transcendent wonder, Wonder for which there is no limit or measure That is worship. And David is not only amazed at how small he is and expansive God, he is even further amazed that God would have an intentional relationship with him What is man, that you are mindful of him, the Son of Man that you care for him? I think many of us have no problem accepting and reflecting on how big God is. If I can keep making him bigger, and I don’t have to worry about engaging with him, that works for me. So a lot of us have no problem thinking about how big God is and how incredible God is. But we get a little squeamish when it comes to accepting God’s love for us. The statement that you care for him literally means that you would attend to it implies more than just God is concerned for you. There’s more going on. It implies that God has an action and an emotion that goes toward you that God is coming toward you. And some early translations of that verse say that, what is man that you should visit him? God is inviting you to see your faith as a journey toward him. And with him. David’s question, why are you mindful of me is not this self centered question. It’s about a relationship. And it requires a sense of trust. It requires a sense of awe that many of us have forgotten as we grew older, we have to remember what it’s like to have trust in wonder and mystery of a child, we need to learn to embrace wonder, and really lean into the mystery of our faith, the mystery of how great God is yes. But also the mystery that this great, incredible God that we made so big, because he is so big, knows you and loves you. Not that he loves all people because theologically he has to it says so in the Bible, but that he loves you not that he loves Mother Teresa, and he loves all people and he loves Thomas Fitzpatrick, but that he loves you. He knows you. And he loves you and He keeps pursuing you and won’t stop calling your name. If you can remember that and be okay with that and stand in all of that it will lead you into a deeper, more intimate relationship with God than you have ever known. There’s a story of a pastor who was working at home, he had a study in his room or in his house, and he was studying working. And his daughter, his little daughter burst into his home study and said, Dad, did you know that if you close your eyes, and if you listen really close, you can hear God tell you that he loves you. And is that and the dad was like was not quite paying attention as much as he should have been? And he said, I’m sorry, what did you say?

She said, Dad, did you know that if you’re quiet enough, and you listen, you can hear God tell you that he loves you. And she stopped? She said, Oh, see? I told you. Hey, for just a second. Could you just close your eyes, I’m going to close with this. This is the all I’ve got for you. Just close your eyes for a second. I want you to think through. Think through the next week that you have or maybe even just think through this weekend, because let’s not worry about next week right? with your eyes closed, I want you to think through a couple things. Do you understand that Christianity is not an ethic. It’s not a morality. It’s not a philosophy of life. Christianity is a love affair. It’s the thrill and the wonder of being loved by Jesus and falling in love with Jesus. Falling in love with Jesus who is here today, present with you right now that God has given you His Holy Spirit that you would be present with His Holy Spirit, not just so that you could be nice, good Christian college students. But so that you would be lovers that you would be lovers in awe

in wonder of someone who has pursued you and has never stopped calling your name. And did you know that if from time to time, you would just stop

Close your eyes and be quiet for a moment. You can hear God tell you that he loves you. Try that a couple times this weekend. Don’t go through the rest of this weekend and miss your opportunity to sit from time to time in awe and wonder.

Yeah, that God is huge. God is incredibly large and phenomenal and he’s outside of you. But more than that, stand in awe and wonder that that incredible God knows you.

And he calls you by name. And he has never stopped calling your name. Jesus, let us hear you. And let us see you. And we will keep giving you praise. You’ll keep giving you honor. And we’ll keep giving you glory and we pray this in Jesus name.

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