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Update #6 – South Asia

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Hey family and friends!

Mandy here bringing you our last update until we head back home late tomorrow night! Our past few days have been filled with more Gospel sharing and follow ups. It has been so wonderful to see how God is moving here in this city!

Thursday, I was blessed to be able to host an entire family at our flat! Earlier last week, Channell and I had met a woman (we’ll call her R) out on the street and began to develop a relationship with her. Last Sunday, R hosted Kayla and I at her home and fed us some amazing chicken biryani and roti (think of a more bread-like tortilla). During this time, R shared with us that she has been a believer for 2 years now and follows Jesus faithfully even though she is facing some difficult circumstances. Her husband is an alcoholic and is abusive. On top of all this, he is having an affair with a woman from his office. Even through all of this, she trusts Jesus so much and has constantly been asking us for prayers for him. It was AMAZING to host her and her 3 children in our apartment and provide them with food. We introduced them to some long-term workers here for further follow up and got to worship and pray with her. This connection has been so encouraging and life giving for me and the team.

Thursday evening and Friday were filled with a few more follow-ups for other team members. Many of us got to share our testimonies with non-believers, pray for them, and encourage them to read some books in the Bible. We are hoping and praying many will continue meeting with our long term fieldworkers once we are gone.  Ultimately, we are so thankful that God provided us with so many to share his truth with!

Today, we spent some time shopping and hitting up some tourist spots. Our photo-ops got ruined by some torrential downpour from the skies, but other than that it has been a fun and relaxing day.

Tomorrow we will be going to church and debriefing all we have learned and experienced on this trip. Soon after we will be packing our bags and heading to the airport to get on a flight back home to you! We are so excited to be home with you soon and share all of our individual stories.

Please continue to be praying for our follow ups and those we have shared the gospel with. Pray for R’s spirit, her children, and that her husband would come to know the lord. Pray for vulnerability and growth in our debrief time tomorrow. Lastly, pray for safe travels and sleep on our way home!

Cannot wait to see you soon!

-Mandy & the team

Update #5 – South Asia

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Hello everybody! Garrett here checking in.

The last few days have been pretty crazy in the best ways imaginable. On Monday we had our Sabbath day which was supposed to be a time for rest, relaxing and rejuvenating. However, for most of us it was the opposite of that, as we went out and explored the National Park here! There was everything from caves, to ancient ruins, to small monkeys running around everywhere (as you’ll see in pictures). After our trip out there 6 of us decided to try out an Escape Room, which, if you don’t know, is basically a room with a specific preset fake task (robbing a bank, solving a murder, etc.) that you and whoever you are with are responsible to try and accomplish. You get one hour and during the time you can lose minutes if you do certain things wrong. Luckily for us, we solved the puzzle with 10 minutes to go!

That night all 9 of us decided to go out to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner to celebrate a couple of birthdays we have coming up (Ryan and Devon). We ate good(ish) food, listened to American music, and had a good time. I think the best part of the night though is when the employees called Devon and Ryan up to the stage in the middle of the restaurant and had them do a dance for everybody before they got their cake. And then after we all ate the cake, we all joined in on dancing to a couple songs (including YMCA, obviously). It was a really good ending to an awesome day. And this is all besides the fact that our stomachs are all on the iffy side! 😂

Tuesday we were back at it out in the field, and Ryan and I went out to a lake that we have now coincidently been to four different times while on this trip. For us, Tuesday was a not so great day for sharing the Gospel, but we did end the day on a positive note when everybody from not only our team but other workers here all got together to sing worship, pray, and praise God for who He is and the work He is doing out here. I, unfortunately, was not able to stay for the whole thing because Hugo and I had a follow up meeting with a friend we had made earlier, but all is well that ends well!

Wednesday was a full day for everybody! I was with Ryan yet again and we headed down towards a lake to meet up with a friend we met here. There we talked for over 3 and a half hours about our lives, his life, and more importantly Jesus. We feel confident then he has gained huge interest in learning more and more, and we will be meeting him again on Friday. Also, Ryan and I met a famous YouTuber and took a selfie with him, which you might end up seeing! We also did not eat any food, as coffee substituted the nutrients for the day. (But not really)

Well that’s it for us, here are some pics from the last few days! Can’t wait to see you all soon!

-Garrett & the team

Update #4 – South Asia

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Hi friends and family!!

It’s Kayla today! Saturday, we started the day with a large group meeting with all of the volunteers and long term field workers in our tiny little flat. It was amazing to be able to worship, pray and celebrate the things the Lord is doing with a group so devoted to serving this city. We praised God for so many opportunities to share the Gospel and the fruit that is coming from those opportunities already.

The second half of the day was spent around different parts of the city sharing with the people that we found. My group today (Hugo & Ashli) found several people to talk to in a shopping and park area of town. I talked to a few different Muslim women and was able to share with them and have conversations about the differences between Christianity and Islam. Pray that Jesus would continue to work in their hearts and bring them to Him since they had never heard the full story of Jesus before that day.
That night, we experienced South Asian monsoon in full! My group was in a rickshaw when the rains began and once we got out we walked for awhile before we decided to just get an uber back to our hotel. We were all completely soaked by the time the uber got there! Other groups experienced an entire beach running away from the waters before the rain started as their warning!
Today, Sunday, we started our day with going to church with a pastor that Mandy, Ryan & I were able to meet last year in our trip. Garrett and Mandy shared their testimonies with the church and Devon led us in a song of worship as well. (They all did great!!) After church we gathered for lunch and then split up for more sharing. Mandy & I were able to go to a woman’s house who Mandy had met a couple days prior. She was so sweet and hospitable, she made us food and chai and was constantly trying to serve us. She was from a Muslim home but she is a follower of Jesus. Her husband will not let her be a follower of Jesus though and has put her through so much physical & emotional hardship because of it so she has to hide her faith from him, including her Bible and the fact that we were even in her home today. She was so strong in her faith even through her trials, but prayers for her and that her husband and family would come to know the Lord is all that she wanted. We are planning on meeting with her again this week so please continue to be praying for these meetings!
We only have about a week left here in this city! Please pray for health, strength and boldness to share the gospel with people throughout this city! Love you all!
-Kayla and the team

Update #3 – South Asia

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Hello friends and family!

Ashli here! Welp, yesterday was our last day of orientation. We continued to learn about different religions here in the city and completed our worldview site visits. My group (me, Mandy, and Garrett) went to a dargah yesterday to learn about the Islam culture. It has been very helpful and interesting to learn about all the different religions that contribute so much to the culture here in the city. It is a very religious culture and many people, regardless of their religion, will visit any of these worldview sits (dargahs, temples, churches) to pray. I think these visits have definitely helped us learn more of how to share our faith with people as we meet them out and about!

While we are at the dargah, Mandy and I met a girl that we shared the Gospel with. She had never heard of Jesus before, but was very excited to learn about his story and wanted to share with her family!! She told us that many people at the religious sites she has visited do not really know what they believe, so to hear a story of how our God has truly impacted our lives was very compelling to her. She lives about a 12 hour train ride from the city, so we will likely not see her again, but we are trying to still communicate with her through an app. Please continue to pray for her and her family that God moves in their household.

As for today, we went on a scavenger hunt to explore the full city and to learn how to navigate on our own. We were given a bunch of different tasks of things to do and places to see! Ryan, Devon, and I were on a team (we lost) and traveled to see the some of the most memorable sites here. We went on a train with open doors (very nice air flow in this heat)! As we went, we were also able to share with many people we met. Not all were responsive, but we know we are planting seeds! Overall, today was super fun!

I think one of my favorite parts of the culture here is to ride in the rickshaws! It is so nice to be able to catch transportation so easily – plus they zip around the city so quickly! Although, I do think the Uber we road today was the craziest driving we experienced. That can be a story for another time 🙂 I have really been enjoying my experience – I love the heat! Wish I could stay down here forever!!!

Please continue to pray for team unity, for energy, and for confidence as we share with those we meet. Love you fam and friends! Excited to tell you all of our stories when we get home!

-Ashli and the team

Update #2 – South Asia

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Hey everybody,

We are all doing well here and getting to experience the culture in full. Jet lag is holding on just a bit still, but we should be recovered soon. The past two days have been great as we’ve gotten to meet and coordinate with the team we are working with here! Yesterday was a full day of seeing the city, getting to know the other team, and visiting the malls and sharing the good news with the locals. Those we have been able to communicate with seem interested and receptive in what we have to say and are very open to hearing the Word and ask many questions.

Today we spent some time learning about the different worldviews found here in the city. We broke up into groups of three and each group went to go visit a different worldview site. We visited a Catholic church, a Hindu temple, and a Muslim dargah.  At each we would explore the sites, pray over them, and do some more outreach talking with people we found there. When you walk into the temples you can definitely feel the spiritual heaviness there. It’s hard see so many people worshiping these idols in hopes they will be blessed. We know Jesus can only fulfill what they are seeking for, so we want to make sure as many others can know that as well and be fully satisfied. Be sure to lift them up in your prayers as well and ask God to grow the seeds that have been sown!

Some other experiences for today, we found out how hard it can be to navigate the city when we wander around quite a while before we found the delivery-only restaurant we were looking for. We didn’t know it was delivery-only until we arrived… so we found somewhere else to eat! It was also wonderful to see the diversity of the city as we walked to a place that served burgers and pizzas. It’s comforting to know that if we ever begin to tire of the local food, we do have something a little more familiar so close by.

We thank you all for your continuing support for us through prayer! You can continue to pray for the following things: 1) Pray for the people we have reached and that the seed planted will grow to produce more fruit. 2) Ask God to open the hearts of those we encounter in the next week and and a half. 3) Ask for continued boldness. 4) Pray for rest, health, and safety.

We are having a great time and really enjoying the city! We love you all so much and cannot wait to share more stories with you when we return.

-Devon and the team

Update # 1 – South Asia

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Hello all!

We have made it to South Asia – bags and all! After almost 19 hours on airplanes, we are SO happy to finally be in country.

Other than seeing another traveler lose their shoe to an escalator (!!!), our travel was mainly uneventful. Our flights were packed with lots of naps, movies, and way too much airplane food. Everyone did great on the flights and I am very thankful for their upbeat spirits and positive attitudes!

For now, we are going to settle in to our hotel, hopefully catch a few more z’s, and get in a quick shower before orientation with our fieldworkers. We all are so very thankful for your love and support as we have prepared for this trip. We are finally here and cannot wait to see how God will use us!

We have 3 specific prayer requests for you all to keep praying for through our time here: 1) for boldness, wisdom, and tact as we share the gospel with those we meet, 2) for God to already be at work in the hearts and minds of those He places in our path, and 3) that many would come to accept the good news of Jesus Christ with gladness!

We love you! We will update you again very soon! 🙂


Mandy and the team


We are on our way!

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Thank you for your support as our team heads to the field! We have departed for the airport and will update you when we have arrived in country (hopefully with all our luggage!). We look forward to updating you on our trip and hope you will check back soon for news from our team!

If you would like to receive text message updates every time our team posts a blog update please text the word GO to the number 51400.

Thanks, and we’ll write you soon!