Update #3 East Asia

By May 20, 2019East Asia*

“WOW. Honestly the perfect perfect word to sum up everything that has happened so far. I never imagined this trip would be like this. We had expectations for something different, but I think it is turning out to be some of the best changes, better than what we could have ever asked for. 

On Wednesday, we spent some time back on the campuses, exploring and talking with people passing by. Later that day we got to meet up with one of our international student friends from back at Jessup! He took us to a Hot Pot dinner, where they bring out different plates of food and we get to put it in a big shared pot to cook. We tried many different foods: pig throat, tofu skins, cow tongue, and even frog legs!! The frog legs tasted very similar to chicken wings!

We have been connecting with more students and even have future plans to hang out with them! A few days ago, Hannah and I had a wonderful conversation with two girls over lunch. We got to talk about their favorite things about being on campus and they even gave us different foods to try when we go into the city! Then yesterday (May 18) a group of us got to meet up with two students from one of the campuses and we got to eat lunch with them. The other group got to play a game of basketball at another campus! At the campus I was at, we talked about so many different things, such as the new Avengers movie (if you haven’t seen it yet, DO IT), what classes were like, favorite music, and so much more. One of the guys we met even sang two songs for us and it was AMAZING. After that, we got to teach them the classic card game Go Fish and they taught us a traditional Chinese card game, which I am going to teach people back in the States! It was so wonderful hanging out with our new friends and we hope that we can keep up the connection even after we leave. 🙂

On Friday, we got to venture out into the main city and explore! We met up with another friend from Jessup and He showed us around the city. We saw the second tallest building in the world, but we didn’t get to go up because it was cloudy. However, we did get to up in the TV tower in the city we are serving in , which was great! There was a viewing deck where the floor was made of glass and we got to see all the way down and over the city! There was even a small rollercoaster in the tower, a showing on the future of China, and a museum! Overall, it was great being in a new environment and sharing that experience with each other. 

If you feel led, pray for our team as we meet with more students and continue on this journey! Pray for healing for one of our team members, more opportunities, and for God’s will to be prevalent. We miss all of you and can not wait to share more about our experiences when we get back.

-Kristi and the team”