Update #2 East Asia

“Happy Belated Mother’s Day to our mamas! We love you! 

Wow! What a wild trip this has been so far! We have had some of the craziest changes, unexpected turn of events and surprises. From the minute we pulled up to the airport in the US, our plans had already changed. We have gone through a complete city change and our first four days in this country we were in 3 different hotels! We have been on planes, trains, subways, and buses for hours upon hours and this team has been stretched and pushed and challenged to be so flexible, and if I can brag on them, they have been AMAZING. 

We’ve tried lots of interesting foods, explored in a couple different cities, have had several awkward encounters and some long long days. We’ve gotten our steps in (25k today!), and through it all our spirits are high!! 

We’re in an entirely different place than we thought we would be less than a week ago but today’s day made every single minute of the traveling and craziness worth it. Today was our first full day on a campus and we already met so many sweet and wonderful people! I was able to meet two kind and awesome girls today with Emma who told us all about their experience at the university, showed us around campus, and bought us lunch. They want to meet up again before we have to leave so we’re very excited! Another group met a girl and they’re having dinner with her tomorrow night! We are advised to not have any spiritual conversations on the first meeting but we are praying that our second meeting with them will be fruitful! 

Another thing that brought us so much joy today was the campus’s international cultural fair! This was probably one of the best experiences I have ever had. There were so many booths of people from all over the world sharing food and culture and dancing and singing! We met some amazing people from probably 20-30 different countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. There were singing and dance performances and the dances were very interactive! We all got moving and danced like no one was watching (despite how many people were actually watching).. they even had the US represented and we got up in front of everyone and did the electric slide to Sweet Home Alabama! Apparently this is their view of the US! Haha! It brought us all so much joy though to see such a wide range of peoples and tongues and nations represented today in a way that we have never experienced before. We all felt it was such a beautiful representation of what heaven is going to be like some day for us.  Everyone was being fully themselves, embracing their culture and the culture of everyone around them and dancing with some of the biggest smiles I have ever seen in one place. I am still in awe of how precious and beautiful those hours were today. None of us wanted to leave that moment. (But don’t worry, we have more pictures and videos to show you once we come back!) 

The rest of our day consisted of a bit more exploring of the city and also trying to find food. Finding a restaurant and ordering at restaurants is always a funny challenge! Thank goodness for Zach and his language skills!!

We appreciate all of your prayers SO much! This team is just so flexible and amazing and has undergone all of these changes like champs! We know God’s hand is in all of this and today that was so clear!! Please continue to pray for health and safety and for the Holy Spirit to guide us to the people we are supposed to meet and continue to open up opportunities for us! And also pray that the rain we’re experiencing here goes away soon! It’s scheduled to rain almost every day for the rest of our time here and it has definitely not been fun to walk around with wet shoes! 

Thank you all so much for all of your support! We are loving our time here in East Asia but we miss you all back home a bunch too! See you soon!

– Kayla and the team”