Update #6 – South Asia

By June 16, 2018South Asia

Hey family and friends!

Mandy here bringing you our last update until we head back home late tomorrow night! Our past few days have been filled with more Gospel sharing and follow ups. It has been so wonderful to see how God is moving here in this city!

Thursday, I was blessed to be able to host an entire family at our flat! Earlier last week, Channell and I had met a woman (we’ll call her R) out on the street and began to develop a relationship with her. Last Sunday, R hosted Kayla and I at her home and fed us some amazing chicken biryani and roti (think of a more bread-like tortilla). During this time, R shared with us that she has been a believer for 2 years now and follows Jesus faithfully even though she is facing some difficult circumstances. Her husband is an alcoholic and is abusive. On top of all this, he is having an affair with a woman from his office. Even through all of this, she trusts Jesus so much and has constantly been asking us for prayers for him. It was AMAZING to host her and her 3 children in our apartment and provide them with food. We introduced them to some long-term workers here for further follow up and got to worship and pray with her. This connection has been so encouraging and life giving for me and the team.

Thursday evening and Friday were filled with a few more follow-ups for other team members. Many of us got to share our testimonies with non-believers, pray for them, and encourage them to read some books in the Bible. We are hoping and praying many will continue meeting with our long term fieldworkers once we are gone.  Ultimately, we are so thankful that God provided us with so many to share his truth with!

Today, we spent some time shopping and hitting up some tourist spots. Our photo-ops got ruined by some torrential downpour from the skies, but other than that it has been a fun and relaxing day.

Tomorrow we will be going to church and debriefing all we have learned and experienced on this trip. Soon after we will be packing our bags and heading to the airport to get on a flight back home to you! We are so excited to be home with you soon and share all of our individual stories.

Please continue to be praying for our follow ups and those we have shared the gospel with. Pray for R’s spirit, her children, and that her husband would come to know the lord. Pray for vulnerability and growth in our debrief time tomorrow. Lastly, pray for safe travels and sleep on our way home!

Cannot wait to see you soon!

-Mandy & the team