Update #4 – South Asia

By June 10, 2018South Asia

Hi friends and family!!

It’s Kayla today! Saturday, we started the day with a large group meeting with all of the volunteers and long term field workers in our tiny little flat. It was amazing to be able to worship, pray and celebrate the things the Lord is doing with a group so devoted to serving this city. We praised God for so many opportunities to share the Gospel and the fruit that is coming from those opportunities already.

The second half of the day was spent around different parts of the city sharing with the people that we found. My group today (Hugo & Ashli) found several people to talk to in a shopping and park area of town. I talked to a few different Muslim women and was able to share with them and have conversations about the differences between Christianity and Islam. Pray that Jesus would continue to work in their hearts and bring them to Him since they had never heard the full story of Jesus before that day.
That night, we experienced South Asian monsoon in full! My group was in a rickshaw when the rains began and once we got out we walked for awhile before we decided to just get an uber back to our hotel. We were all completely soaked by the time the uber got there! Other groups experienced an entire beach running away from the waters before the rain started as their warning!
Today, Sunday, we started our day with going to church with a pastor that Mandy, Ryan & I were able to meet last year in our trip. Garrett and Mandy shared their testimonies with the church and Devon led us in a song of worship as well. (They all did great!!) After church we gathered for lunch and then split up for more sharing. Mandy & I were able to go to a woman’s house who Mandy had met a couple days prior. She was so sweet and hospitable, she made us food and chai and was constantly trying to serve us. She was from a Muslim home but she is a follower of Jesus. Her husband will not let her be a follower of Jesus though and has put her through so much physical & emotional hardship because of it so she has to hide her faith from him, including her Bible and the fact that we were even in her home today. She was so strong in her faith even through her trials, but prayers for her and that her husband and family would come to know the Lord is all that she wanted. We are planning on meeting with her again this week so please continue to be praying for these meetings!
We only have about a week left here in this city! Please pray for health, strength and boldness to share the gospel with people throughout this city! Love you all!
-Kayla and the team

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  • Marie Sevier says:

    praying daily for you all, you’re doing such a wonderful thing and what a great experience be safe and enjoy at the same time love and God bless you all. Thank you for all the great pictures