Update #4 – Eastern Europe B

Hello friends and family!

Max & Ethan here with the latest update from our team! The past few days have been full of energy and excitement as we experience culture and show Gods love to the kids. Each day that we spend here is another of falling in love with these kids.

While spending time learning and growing, I (Max) have been able to connect with the older boys as they are a rough and tumble group with strong spirits. Each day I see them they are showing love in their own little way. It has amazed me as to how much I have learned from they and they from me. The first day we got here their response to a playful hit would have turned into hard punching quite fast, however in the past couple days I have seen the toughest of guys stand up and be the bigger man to stop the hitting. If I had to sum up the past couple days into one word it would be RESPECT. Respect for the girls has gone way up, respect for the leaders in the home, but most importantly each person that I see has gained more respect for themselves. It is really amazing to be apart of something so big and that is just working with the teenagers. However there is more that happens with the children.

The little kids group has had its ups and downs as well. We have had kids fighting but then turn around and be best friends with each other. We have some kids who don’t even speak the language because they were picked up off the street and are from totally different countries. This can be especially hard as some kids have to leave unexpectedly and we watch as friends are being separated. All in all though our time with them has been a success. These kids love all of the arts and crafts we have done, like giving them a box to paint to fill with the treasures that we are going to give them soon. I (Ethan) have been a human jungle gym for a couple of these kids, and with them jumping on by back and arms I see that they have opened up more since the beginning of our time with them. These kids sing songs and play games with all of their heart and soul, sometimes even running around the room multiple times while they sing. To sum up, we are having a blast!

Our prayer request is for health. Some of us are still very jet lagged and we are all very tired, so prayers for time adjustments and good sleep would be great!

Best wishes from the team, and thank you so much for the prayers! We feel them every moment!

-Max, Ethan and the team

P.S. – To Ethan’s sister: I have officially played volleyball in more countries/continents than you have! Love, Ethan. 🙂

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  • Peggy Watson says:

    Prayers for rest and health. Sounds like it is going well.

  • Shari says:

    Wow, what an amazing report! Max, I see how God is using your experiences with our family and with serving at Bayside to spread His love to these kids!

    You ALL are such a blessing by spending focused time with these precious children. I’m praying for rest and good health…God will continue to be ENOUGH for each of you to keep going strong!

    PS: That’s a GREAT PS!