Update #4 – Eastern Europe A

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Hello all!

These past few days have been jammed packed with activity.

We have been progressing so much in our friendships with the students and have been able to also explore more of Eastern Europe! This past Sunday we were able to visit a church service that was done entirely in the local language; it was such a neat experience and we were able to meet so many wonderful people. After church on Sunday we did some sightseeing of more historic places around the city and got to enjoy a traditional home-cooked meal.

On Monday evening we enjoyed a night of fellowship with the youth from the church we visited Sunday morning. We played games, had a spoons tournament, ate pizza and had good discussion. It was such a blessed experience to commune with other believers and make even more connections.

And also on Monday and Tuesday we returned back to the camp and had very successful days with the kids! We performed skits, broke off into groups (kids/teens) and continued with our schedule. God has been so good and has continued to open the hearts and minds of the students we are working with. Each day we have been growing so much closer in friendship with them; it is incredible to watch the bonding that has unfolded in such a short period of time.

We have been able to engage in very thought provoking and deep conversation with the teens; they pose excellent questions that get us digging deep into the subjects we are challenging them to discuss.

With the younger kids we have enjoyed making crafts with them, spending more one on one time and getting to know them better. Though there is a language barrier, we are still able to connect with the kids. We have been playing so many new games with them, such as heads up seven up (which they really took a liking to!). We also had the chance to go swimming with them and got to play games in the pool today!

After camp today, we went souvenir shopping at some very traditional booths nearby and then got to visit a children center for kids/teens. At the center we spent an hour or so with the kids and teens, played games, had tea and desserts. It was such an incredible experience meeting more kids and being in their presence!

All in all time is flying by! We are all so in shock that our time is coming to an end here; though time is moving so quickly, it has felt as though we have been here a lifetime! The Lord has guided us along the way each and every day, drawing us closer as a team and closer with the kids. He is doing such incredible things over here and we are soaking in every bit of how He is using us.

Thank you all so much for the continual prayers and support- without you this is not possible!

We miss you and will be seeing you again soon!

Emily and Dot

(Here are a few pictures from the week)

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  • Marcie says:

    What a beautiful update! It is very apparent the love you each have for the children you are serving! What a blessed opportunity. Thank you for brining love and good news to these precious ones!

    Thank you for this update!

    You and these precious ones remain in our prayers.

    In Him,
    Prov. 11:25 =praying continually that you are replenished each day as you pour out so faithfully! May He give you continued stength and energy as you serve.