Update #3 – South Asia

By June 8, 2018South Asia

Hello friends and family!

Ashli here! Welp, yesterday was our last day of orientation. We continued to learn about different religions here in the city and completed our worldview site visits. My group (me, Mandy, and Garrett) went to a dargah yesterday to learn about the Islam culture. It has been very helpful and interesting to learn about all the different religions that contribute so much to the culture here in the city. It is a very religious culture and many people, regardless of their religion, will visit any of these worldview sits (dargahs, temples, churches) to pray. I think these visits have definitely helped us learn more of how to share our faith with people as we meet them out and about!

While we are at the dargah, Mandy and I met a girl that we shared the Gospel with. She had never heard of Jesus before, but was very excited to learn about his story and wanted to share with her family!! She told us that many people at the religious sites she has visited do not really know what they believe, so to hear a story of how our God has truly impacted our lives was very compelling to her. She lives about a 12 hour train ride from the city, so we will likely not see her again, but we are trying to still communicate with her through an app. Please continue to pray for her and her family that God moves in their household.

As for today, we went on a scavenger hunt to explore the full city and to learn how to navigate on our own. We were given a bunch of different tasks of things to do and places to see! Ryan, Devon, and I were on a team (we lost) and traveled to see the some of the most memorable sites here. We went on a train with open doors (very nice air flow in this heat)! As we went, we were also able to share with many people we met. Not all were responsive, but we know we are planting seeds! Overall, today was super fun!

I think one of my favorite parts of the culture here is to ride in the rickshaws! It is so nice to be able to catch transportation so easily – plus they zip around the city so quickly! Although, I do think the Uber we road today was the craziest driving we experienced. That can be a story for another time 🙂 I have really been enjoying my experience – I love the heat! Wish I could stay down here forever!!!

Please continue to pray for team unity, for energy, and for confidence as we share with those we meet. Love you fam and friends! Excited to tell you all of our stories when we get home!

-Ashli and the team