Update #3 – Romania

By June 10, 2018Romania

Hello everyone! Chris and Genna here to give you an update on the last
few days of our trip!

We left Bazna on Monday and had a long drive
back to Oradea. Along the way we stopped in several different cities
and were able to take in some Romanian culture and history. We
explored an old fort and explored Sighisoara which is a walled city in
Romania where people are still living. The views of the architecture
and landscape of the country were exquisite. Sighisoara is also the
birthplace of “Dracula”, so a few of us took a quick tour of the house
he was born in. We got back to Oradea Monday evening and spent that
night in our driver, Ionels, home. We woke up Tuesday and had another
day of driving ahead of us to Satu Mare. There we had the privilege of
working with different churches and orphanages. We were able to spend
multiple days at House Of Hope. This is a Christian run home that has
such a great love for God. We all had such an amazing time bonding
with the children and getting to know their stories. We played with
the House of Hope children for hours and hours and had so much fun
doing so. They all have a joy in their hearts that comes from being
apart of a wonderful family that loves like Jesus loves.

The three days we spent in Satu Mare were impactful, inspiring, and
hard at times. We had the ability to spend some time in Herezu, a
state orphanage. There we shared the gospel and spent some time just
loving on the kids. We also got to spend some time at an orphanage for
handicapped girls. Both of these orphanages contrasted with House of
Hope in many ways. It was hard to see the difference between
orphanages run with Jesus as their foundation and orphanages that did
not share Jesus with their children. It was a blessing to be able to
love on these orphans and I know that every person on our team was
deeply impacted by the time we got to spend with the children of

Seeing how the lives of the children are so greatly impacted by the
parents that run House of Hope brought me such joy. These kids lives
were changed and they receive so much love from the people there. I
had such a great time playing with all the kids and getting to know
what they like. It is amazing how much a smile can communicate and
even though there was a language barrier, it didn’t stop us from
having fun. But it was not only at House of Hope that we got to share
God’s love. We also visited a transit center and got to do a lesson
and many games with them. The kids here were so open to hear what we
were speaking about and loved the message and the the skit some of us
put on. We then got to play many different games. These kids were
constantly smiling and had the best time playing with all of us.

Thursday was our last day with the kids, and it was tough to say
goodbye but we know that God has his hand in their lives and will
continue to cover them. For the next few days we will be in Budapest.
We will take time to discuss everything we experienced while here.
Processing everything we learned and spending time in reflection while
learning about the city.


See y’all soon! Can’t wait to see you family! Love and miss you guys – Genna


Miss you Mom, Dad, Marlea, Casey, and Carson. I love you and cant wait
to see you all and tell you all about the last two weeks. – Chris


See you all soon!

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  • Jeanne Mayrena says:

    Take care guys! We’re praying for your safe traveling mercy back home, here in U.S. We miss you Ate/Louise.