Update #3 – Eastern Europe B

By June 12, 2018Eastern Europe B

Preevyet! We have only been here for two days, and words cannot explain how much we have already experienced. Yesterday, we took the metro to two cathedrals and one had beautiful mosaic murals all across the walls.  Out of respect, women must wear scarf coverings over their heads.  After lunch, we walked outside and were surprised to see a parade happening with marching bands and floats. Everything is beautiful in this city! We were glad that we all got to see the culture, before diving into the work we have planned with the kids.

Today, we met the kids who we will be working with while we are here! I (Kyla) am a part of the teens group. At first, I was nervous to meet them, but now I absolutely adore them! I was surprised how open they all are. I did not expect that, especially not on the first day. They kept asking us questions and were as interested in knowing us as much as we want to know them. Their first question was about the fast food in America. Good thing that I know all about that! Leaving today was so hard, and it was only the first day! These teens are one of a kind, and I wish you all could meet them. I am excited to get to know them more throughout our time here. We also have two translators, which has not only been extremely helpful but also inviting. Because of them, I felt comfortable being me, even in a new and different culture.

We met our little ones today! My (Sammy) team dressed up with colorful wigs to do our introduction skit as characters from the movie “Inside Out”. Today, Sadness (Ethan) was featured and we learned about including others. The kids were full of energy and excitement, ready to play. My favorite part was playing freeze dance with them. We danced to the music, spinning the girls around and watching the boys break dance. Seeing them smile and laugh filled my heart. We read the book “You Are Special” by Max Lucado to the kids and Shaynna shared that she is special because God made her and he doesn’t make mistakes. Then we went outside and ran around, playing games like soccer- we will sleep well tonight! We are so excited to see what God has in store for the kids this week!

 Thank you for your prayers, we love you all!

-Kyla & Sammy

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  • Teresa says:

    Love reading this update! Sounds amazing! We’re so proud of the work you are all doing there! Hope you’re trying lots of new food! Soon you will be back to the comforts of home cooked food and fast food:). Until then just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Shari says:

    How fun!!! I love the way you’re teaching meaningful lessons that also speak of God’s love.