Update #3 – Eastern Europe A

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Hello readers! It’s been 6 days since we’ve left for Eastern Europe and so far it has been an amazing and beautiful experience. It’s the end of the third day of the camp and a couple days since the last update.

First off, we’d like to acknowledge the loved ones and those who are waiting for us back home. We are doing well and would like to thank you for your love and support for us here. Your prayers have moved mountains, we love you and miss you. Slowly we are adjusting to the time change, but by the grace of God we are doing well. Every morning we wake up early to get to the camp in time, walking and taking the bus in order to get there.

The skit creates a good opportunity for great conversations and opens doors into the lives of the students we are working with. The teens have opened up to us in amazing ways, their love and acceptance baffles me. The younger ones have opened up in the same way, although yesterday they weren’t with us because of international children’s day.

All of yesterday we hung out with the teens all camp and during the sport games, we had a bit of an accident, where our fearless leader collided with one of the girls and ended having to get 3 stitches on his eyebrow. Yet by the grace of God the girl came out with only a small bruise. (By the way, the way that they had to wrap his head in cotton looked pretty funny, hopefully we have a picture of it somewhere) he has healed up nicely and is doing well, (maybe we’ll have a picture of that as well).

Today we split up again and half the team was with the younger children and half with the older, although because it was a Saturday there wasn’t as many students in attendance. The conversations have been great between the teens and the younger children have heavily bonded with some of the team members.

We look forward to our next day with them on Monday. The team spent a lot of time planning and want to deepen our relationship with the students and create opportunities for His light to shine and seeds to be planted and nurtured.

We would like to ask for prayer: energy for the team in order that we may finish strong, for opportunities to share our testimonies, for courage and faith as we approach our halfway mark. For the hearts of the students to be opened up, and for the impact we make in this short time not be quickly forgotten but for God to work miracles.

-K & A on behalf of the team

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  • Janice Porter says:

    So happy to hear from you. Went to bed praying for your group. GiGi

  • Mary McFarland says:

    Will continue to pray that all of you will remain well and continue to bless those you are ministering to.