Update #2 – South Asia

By June 6, 2018South Asia

Hey everybody,

We are all doing well here and getting to experience the culture in full. Jet lag is holding on just a bit still, but we should be recovered soon. The past two days have been great as we’ve gotten to meet and coordinate with the team we are working with here! Yesterday was a full day of seeing the city, getting to know the other team, and visiting the malls and sharing the good news with the locals. Those we have been able to communicate with seem interested and receptive in what we have to say and are very open to hearing the Word and ask many questions.

Today we spent some time learning about the different worldviews found here in the city. We broke up into groups of three and each group went to go visit a different worldview site. We visited a Catholic church, a Hindu temple, and a Muslim dargah.  At each we would explore the sites, pray over them, and do some more outreach talking with people we found there. When you walk into the temples you can definitely feel the spiritual heaviness there. It’s hard see so many people worshiping these idols in hopes they will be blessed. We know Jesus can only fulfill what they are seeking for, so we want to make sure as many others can know that as well and be fully satisfied. Be sure to lift them up in your prayers as well and ask God to grow the seeds that have been sown!

Some other experiences for today, we found out how hard it can be to navigate the city when we wander around quite a while before we found the delivery-only restaurant we were looking for. We didn’t know it was delivery-only until we arrived… so we found somewhere else to eat! It was also wonderful to see the diversity of the city as we walked to a place that served burgers and pizzas. It’s comforting to know that if we ever begin to tire of the local food, we do have something a little more familiar so close by.

We thank you all for your continuing support for us through prayer! You can continue to pray for the following things: 1) Pray for the people we have reached and that the seed planted will grow to produce more fruit. 2) Ask God to open the hearts of those we encounter in the next week and and a half. 3) Ask for continued boldness. 4) Pray for rest, health, and safety.

We are having a great time and really enjoying the city! We love you all so much and cannot wait to share more stories with you when we return.

-Devon and the team