Update #2 – Eastern Europe B

Hello friends and family back home!

We have just wrapped up our first full day in country after a long couple days of travel. We are so thankful to be here and are continually reflecting on what a blessing it is to have this amazing opportunity! Today was all about cultural immersion. We had a quick review of the language and learned how to communicate basic statements like “what’s your name?” and “where is the bathroom?”  We also learned more about the children we will have the chance to meet tomorrow.

A highlight for many of us was a chance to explore the city a bit and learn more of the history of the people here. We are struck by how much we can sense an emptiness in the hearts of the people. A void only God can fill. We hope to bring a light into this city. Our team time tonight was sweet. We enjoyed worshipping together in song and Dave encouraged us all to remember that He who called us will equip us and has already prepared the way for us. There isn’t a thing we need to worry about except loving God and others!

Thanks for your prayers. Tomorrow we begin our work with the kids. Pray we are flexible and hold our own expectations and plans loosely.


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  • Shari says:

    Wow, such an insightful observation about the people there. As you bring God’s love to the people you meet, we’ll be praying that His Spirit gives them hope!!!

  • Peggy Watson says:

    Prayers for the group and people of the area.

  • Karen Springfield says:

    Lord please keep these wonderful young people wrapped in your loving arms and keep them safe and full of the thirst for leaving the print of our Jesus on the hearts of these children.

  • Anna Kanavalchuk says:

    Praying for all of you guys!