Update #4 – Southeast Asia

Good afternoon from Siem Reap!

It’s Emma and Kayla here. We arrived at a new hotel last night and we are getting ready to tour the city today. The past two days have been insane: We’ve finished up our work shops and ended kids club at AIM. Our relationships grew and saying goodbye yesterday was very hard. There were lots of tears, but more smiles of thankfulness and appreciation for the friendships we built. The disciples told us “It isn’t a goodbye, but see you later.” We are all family now and we are so blessed to create so many memories.

We really enjoyed laughing, playing games, and eating lunch with the disciples everyday. On Tuesday and Thursday, we were able to play football (soccer) and volleyball with them which was nice because it allowed us to hang out with them a little longer those days and really deepen our friendships. They don’t wear shoes here when they play football or volleyball so we all got to experience playing sports without shoes. Farmer got hit in the head with the football as he was blocking a goal which made everyone laugh until they were rolling on the floor. Farmer was in a little pain, but played it off like it was no big deal. He’s okay now. 🙂 They really love how our team can be really goofy with them and the banter we have with not only our team, but the AIM staff and the disciples is so amazing and they enjoy it.

In addition to saying our goodbyes, we’ve had many crazy adventures outside of AIM. Yesterday, we hopped on a tuk-tuk (a local form of transportation here, kind of like an open-air taxi…but powered by a motorcycle) and headed to a restaurant. The tuk-tuk ride seemed longer than what we had intended for so we pulled over to the side. We come to find that we were lost in the city. Thankfully, with the help of Kylie and the other tuk-tuk driver, we arrived at the restaurant—which was only a few blocks down for our hotel. But hey! We got a free tour of the city.

We have been lucky to try many different foods but also a couple samples of home. We have enjoyed two pizza restaurants as well as some wings…thanks to Emma’s demand. But they are pretty good here. And we were able to try a local delicacy: crickets! Click here to see a video of us oh-so-casually reacting to eating crickets in Southeast Asia.

We wish our time with the disciples and kids had not ended, but we look forward to continuing to serve this next week. God has touched each and every one  of our hearts and while we love you guys back home…I don’t think anyone wants to leave. We get ready to tour the beautiful city but I don’t think anything could be better then the beautiful people here!

Keep praying for us and talk to you soon! Sending our love,

Emma and Kayla

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  • Claudia says:

    Oh hurray! I’ve been waiting for Update #4! Knew you’d been especially busy since it had been awhile since Update #3! Glad the football didn’t get the best of Farmer! Still praying Psalm 91 over you all!!!

  • Erin Ambrose says:

    Great to read your updates! Praying for you all. Careful with those crickets their legs can get stuck in your teeth 😉

  • Marlene Ogawa says:

    HI from Nate’s auntie & uncle! Glad to read all the blogs and hear that you are doing well! Will you be going to Angkor Wat? Have a good rest of the trip. XXOO