Update #2 – Eastern Europe A

Hello from Europe!!

After an entire day of travel on Tuesday we all made it safely including the 20 bags luggage, craft materials and donated clothing!  On Wednesday we spent the day resting, training, sightseeing and preparing for our first day with the kids. We saw many absolutely incredible things like incredibly old cathedrals and the merchant arches in the old section of town. Thursday we had a wonderful time meeting the children and teens for the first time, and we started the day off with a skit that was a big hit setting the tone and piquing the interest of the students about the reason for us being here.

The teens were surprisingly welcoming and not at all what we expected. They immediately wanted to know everything about us and America. They asked us many questions about American schools and our movies and music. They listen to a lot of American music but mostly rap.  We ended up playing games and sports with them for three hours straight.  We had lots of fun but Kimo, Emily, Dot and I (Farnum) suffered from some minor bumps and bruises but it was all worth it in the end. They also made Kimo and Dot sing, so they sang “How He Loves” and afterwards they asked us what the song was about which was very cool because they started to ask us the differences between Orthodox and Protestantism.

The younger kids instantly wanted to form connections with the 5 of us who were working with them, which was a blessing. Even though most of us couldn’t understand them without a translator, they were still very engaging and kept talking to us as if we could comprehend what they were communicating perfectly. Surprisingly, the girls aren’t afraid of any cooties Paul and Ben might have, and the boys are quite well-behaved.  They all said they were very excited to see the upcoming skits we have prepared, which was encouraging since we didn’t finalize it until about 30 minutes before the kids arrived!

We’re excited for tomorrow. Keep praying for us – safety, health and building relationships with the kids! Enjoy the photos and we’ll update you all again soon!

-Farnum, Dot & Ben on behalf of the team

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  • Marcie Lemos says:

    Isaiah 52:7 How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who announces peace and brings good news of happiness, who announces salvation…”

    Wow – when I see these pics and read your story – this scripture illuminates in my heart and mind. How precious are you who bring good news…and how precious are these little ones who have the blessing of being touched by your service.

    Praying for continued anointing, healing, favor and protection as you serve ever so faithfully!
    May you each be filled up by Him as you pour out unto these dear ones – they are all precious in His sight!

    Grace and Peace,


  • Claudia Lewis says:

    Thank you for the photos. Praying for health and strength. Hoping you enjoy being a blessing and are blessed. Looking forward to hearing about all the amazing works done through your trip