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Because of you, we are educating the kind of leaders our fragile world needs. We need gospel-soaked leaders who bring healing and hope like never before. Our mission to partner with the Church to educate transformational leaders for the glory of God is more critical than ever.

Your support before June 30 will be matched up to $75,000. Because of your generous gift, one more, two more, or possibly hundreds more students will be transformed by their experience at Jessup and will glorify God in their future ministry and leadership positions. 

Please prayerfully consider how you might meet the immediate needs of our students and university mission at this time:

  1. Provide emergency relief for students. We are committed to meeting the needs of those who are most affected by this crisis. 
  2. Scholarships for Students Impacted by COVID-19. These students may have lost their jobs and/or suffered reduced hours. Ultimately, these students need ongoing scholarship support to ensure their Christ-centered higher education can be completed. 
  3. Mission Sustainability. The coronavirus has resulted in a significant loss of revenue at Jessup. The negative financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis will total in the hundreds of thousands that will surely challenge us moving forward, threatening programs, projects, and personnel. 

While the world around us might feel hopeless and the mountain in front of us may seem insurmountable, our God moves mountains and gives us a spirit of hope. Thank you, Jessup community, for your relentless support of our mission and for raising up transformational leaders for the glory of God.

Although we are apart, we are not alone. Let us continue to stand together in hope.

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