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Muntuck Yap, Ph.D.

Faculty - The Faculty of Health, Applied, & Natural Sciences


BS, University of Malaya, 1974; MS, University of Auckland, 1980; PhD, NovaSoutheastern, 2003


Muntuck finds teaching computer science to be both challenging and fascinating, and very much different from research and development. Computer science is an ever-changing field with new ideas,tools and techniques. The challenge is how to provide the students with the fundamentals and yet keep them abreast with the new technology and ideas.

Muntuck had been involved with research and development for the last 30 years, along with IT consulting. Some of his research work include the first commercial object-oriented database, setting up of CORBA, bridge operating system between UNIX and other OS, distributed algorithms for self-directed search using heuristics, ant algorithms for pattern recognition and searching for the most efficient path within network and schemes to parallelize programs on architecture with multiple nodes. His research work in physics was in optical computing and quantum electronics. Muntuck was involved in multiple startup companies including two of his own.

Muntuck had spent some time with IBM University teaching and conducting research in software architecture. He conducted other classes and conferences on various topics in computer topics. His current interests are figuring out how to impart to his students with two skills - the ability to teach themselves anything and the ability to tackle impossible problems without being discouraged. He is interested in apologetics and theology. He likes to encourage people to see the harmony between science and biblical faith.


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