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Dear Jessup Students,

Thank you for your continued faithfulness to Jesus during these trying hours. Because we know God is good, we know that we can trust Him in the darkest of nights, the most challenging of days, during stormy and calm weather, and that even coronavirus will bow to His name!

I know that you are hearing from Faculty, Student Life staff, and through email, social media, and our website. Our hope is that you feel well connected.  Our website at has excellent information, is a great way to stay up to date, and will provide regular updates as necessary. also contains updated information regarding student services that may be of use to you. By way of quick update, I can tell you that we continue to have no reported cases of COVID-19 on the Jessup campuses.  Our Rocklin campus has very limited operating hours (9 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday) and our on-campus staffing is being limited to those staff essential to provide services to students and the core functions of the University.  Our San Jose campus has remote instruction in place, but will be closed to the public until further notice.

It is important to reiterate that our Rocklin campus is not closed and classes will be taking place via online formats as regularly scheduled; for most of our formats, whether real time or on demand.

 I am writing to you today with two important updates:

1) It is clear, based on continued guidance from Placer County Health, that we will not be able to resume full on-campus in-person instructional activities for at least the remainder of the Spring semester. Therefore, all classes for all populations at Jessup (Traditional Undergraduate, Adult Degree Completion, Graduate) and for all class times will only be offered in online modality, effective March 23, through the end of the semester.  For some of you (Online, GRAD, ADC), this is not a significant change, but for others this is a significant change. As you have been doing, please consult your Moodle course schedule for instructions from your professors regarding assignments, Zoom instructions, and other information.

2) It is with great sadness that I also tell you that we have to postpone our planned May 2nd Commencement.  Every input we are receiving is telling us that it will not be possible to hold this large event as scheduled.  I am personally sorry and I know that this is a great disappointment for our entire community and the multitude of families and friends who long to celebrate with us about this great achievement.  We are in discussions now to schedule a combined “All 2020 Commencement” in December of this year. Stay tuned and we will do our best to inform you as quickly as possible when we have more details to share.  We are deeply sorrowful for this decision, but feel confident it is the right decision in light of the present circumstances.

As I have stated before, the health and safety of our students and our staff are our highest priority; and we want to encourage you to make housing decisions that are best for you.   Many of you believe that Jessup is the safest, healthiest, and most accommodating environment for your continued educational progress, and we want to continue to make that available. The Shack and the Crossroads Cafe remain open for take-out.  Community, where possible, is one of our most important values during this time and our Student Life staff continues to make a variety of spiritual formation, community support, and missional support available to you in abundant fashion.

While our residence halls and apartments will remain open for all who desire to maintain their campus connections, some of you may choose to return home to family and we understand that decision.

Jessup is a unique place, we are a unique community, and these are unique times.  I know that we will be victorious. We have determined repeatedly NOT to partner with fear but to partner with the FATHER.  We are moving ahead in the strong belief that our best days for Jessup, for you personally, and for our state, nation, and world, are just ahead.

Join me in praying that the coronavirus curve will not only be flattened, but that Jesus will #breakthecurve.  I believe in the One who does miracles and I pray that you lean in to Him during these challenging times. I also encourage you to look for ways to express His love to your family, to your fellow students, and to those in need around you if you can do so within the health guidelines we all are following.

In His Strong Name,

John Jackson, PhD


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