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Student Veterans Organization

The WJU Student Veteran Organization (SVO) is a social organization that provides a support network of military and veteran students attending WJU and hosts events that bring academic, career, social and volunteer opportunities to students. The SVO is a registered chapter of the Student Veterans of America, a national veteran advocacy group.

The SVO also has a Veterans Resource Center where veterans can enjoy a welcoming space with opportunities to lounge and/or study.


  • Supporting student veterans in achieving their education goals.
  • Bringing awareness to challenges associated with veteran’s transition into higher education.
  • Fostering networking opportunities among student veterans.
  • Promoting outreach and community.
  • Organize resources and information for ease of access to veteran students.


  • To instill a sense of camaraderie among veteran students of WJU Rocklin.
  • To ease their transition into civilian life and to strengthen the relationship between the faculty and staff.
  • To utilize the unique skills and resources of the veteran population in building a strong relationship between the community and WJU Rocklin.
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