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William Jessup University is intentional about discipleship in several areas. These include: Spiritual Formation Groups Prayer Ministries Spiritual Formation Groups (SFG’s) are small groups of 8-10 students led by staff, faculty, administrators and upperclassmen students. The groups provide a safe place for students to be supported and are a way students can earn Spiritual Life Credits. In addition to our formal discipleship programs, we…

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Local and Global Outreach

An essential aspect of the Christian life and spiritual formation at WJU is developing a lifestyle of service. Outreach has been a long tradition at William Jessup University. As a Christ-Centered University, the focus of service stems from our belief that God has called each of his believers to be His hands and feet in the community and the world. This program gives students…

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Chapel and Worship

Chapel is the heartbeat of community worship at William Jessup University. Twice a week, we join together as students, faculty, and staff to give glory to God, study His Word, and hear from a broad diversity of speakers/artists from within our community and all over the world! Music worship is primarily student-led from our talented pool of student musicians. Because we believe students will…

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