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Some will apply this degree to work within a mental health setting or utilize the relational skills gained in this program in a wide range of careers, including business, human services, and church/parachurch ministry. The major provides foundational studies in preparation for graduate school in the helping professions. Graduates who seek advanced education typically choose studies in psychology, counseling or social work.

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The Leadership major provides students with the tools necessary to be effective leaders as Christians in nonprofit, for profit, public sector, and ministry contexts. This degree can be further tailored to meet the student’s desired career path by selecting a specialization in either organizational development or Christian ministry.

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Business Administration

WJU offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in the greater Sacramento Region. This degree is designed to equip and prepare our graduates for success in our fast-changing domestic and international marketplace. Courses will sharpen your skills in leadership, project management, accounting, finance, and marketing as you learn to incorporate Christian principles and serve with excellence in the current business climate.

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