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Digital Communication & Design

The Digital Communication & Design program combines elements of a traditional Communication Studies degree (Social Media Marketing, Digital Journalism, Message Design) with a Digital Design degree (Video & Sound, Digital Imaging & Composition, Motion Graphics). These are the tools necessary to design and deliver messages to an inter-connected world. They are complimentary skills, and the combination of the two produces graduates that are productive,…

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Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice prepares and trains students for the wide range of careers in fields of administration and justice. Courses include Constitution and Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, and Criminal Law. All courses are taught with a focus on Christian ethics which will prepare you for notable servant leadership in law enforcement and its supporting branches.

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Visual & Fine Arts

The emergent trend in artistic professions is excellence across multiple disciplines. The Bachelor of Arts in Visual & Fine Arts positions our students to meet the demands of the professional needs of the art world. This multidisciplinary exploration of creativity is a synergistic fusion of analog and digital arts. You will immerse yourself in the business of visual artistry and discover the importance of…

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American Sign Language

The vision of the ASLS program is to educate the WJU students about the Deaf community, which has its own culture and language. Through this understanding the students will have a better respect for the community as individuals in the world culture.
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The English program at Jessup offers several distinctives. First of all, we approach the study of literature and writing with a Christian worldview. We believe that all truth is God’s truth and that the study of great writings throughout the ages can give us a glimpse of God’s interaction with the world that He created. Secondly, we offer concentrations in both creative and professional…

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Students studying history at Jessup will find themselves well prepared for graduate study in a number of related disciplines in the liberal arts as well as law school. Students planning on entering seminary will find in a Jessup history major a suitable course of study as well – particularly when considered along with the Bible and theology classes required of all students. In conjunction…

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Students in the Music Degree program at William Jessup University receive a thorough grounding in both traditional and contemporary theory and practice courses. They develop performance skills and acquire new musical proficiencies appropriate to their chosen career path. The Music program provides opportunities for all students to be involved in a wide variety of performance groups who travel regionally to represent Jessup.

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Public Policy

William Jessup University’s Public Policy Degree Program is dedicated to preparing tomorrow’s leaders today. This unique, multidisciplinary program integrates Christian education, political science and public administration to equip students for graduate school and careers in the public sector. The program develops Christian critical thinkers to analyze today’s issues, implement tomorrow’s policies, and lead our community, state, nation and world ethically and effectively.

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Jessup’s BA in Theatre is an immersive, pre‐professional training ground for theatre practitioners. The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre offers specializations in Acting, Musical Theatre, Theatre Design and Technology, and Theatre Management. From backstage to onstage, you will learn how to create theatre from concept to performance in a department valuing a hands-on, entrepreneurial approach to theatrical storytelling.

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