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Protecting the Environment through Hands-On Science

Jessup students have the unique privilege of working alongside scientists and scholars through Jessup’s Institute of Biodiversity and the Environment (IBE). This interdisciplinary community of scholars and scientists study and help protect biodiversity locally, regionally, and across the world. Thanks to the diligent efforts and teamwork between Jessup’s Chair of the IBE, Associate Professor Dr. Michael McGrann, and Placer County Supervisor, and IBE Advisory…

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Deep Thinking with a Biblical Perspective

Every February, the Faculty of Theology hosts its annual Spring Lecture Series, featuring some of the leading thinkers of our day. Dr. Cynthia Shafer-Elliott, Ph.D. founded the series in Spring 2013 to give students, faculty, and the wider Sacramento community the opportunity to listen, learn, and dialogue about topics related to biblical and theological studies.  The annual theme is decided based on cultural trends…

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Go Finish that College Degree

We’ve all had “what if” moments in our lives, especially when it comes to finishing our college degree. “What ifs” keep us up at night. They hinder progress and prevent us from following our dreams and achieving lifelong goals. But “what if” completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree on your time and schedule was possible? Wouldn’t it be worth checking out?  While completing a…

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The BS in Aviation Program produces highly skilled, industry ready, principled professionals for the field of aviation. The BS in Aviation program offers them options to prepare them for a variety of airline flight specialties. It prepares “ACE” (adept, certified, and ethical) pilots who are willing to positively influence and contribute to the field of aviation and to society.
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Digital Communication & Design

Digital Communication & Design is a New Degree for a Digital Age. It’s a Communication Studies program for the new millennium where creativity and technology meet. It’s a place to learn the skills that are indispensable for every organization, every business, and every ministry. A digital world demands that universities today offer something beyond the traditional Communications Degree— a program that occupies the unique intersection of creative visual content and the contemporary…

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Public Administration

The Public Administration degree program prepares individuals for leadership positions within the governmental, nonprofit, law enforcement and health care arenas. In this curriculum, students learn to implement complex public programs, while troubleshooting community and governmental issues successfully. They also learn business management techniques and the moral implications behind those actions so that programs can function effectively. Graduates are prepared to effectively evaluate economic markets…

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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program at William Jessup University is training the next generation of law enforcement personnel who are spiritually grounded, ethically trained and ready for entry into one of the fastest growing employment areas in the country. We do this training through well trained active duty law enforcement personnel, a requirement for instructors in the program. Across the curriculum we train our future…

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Visual & Fine Arts

The emergent trend in artistic professions is excellence across multiple disciplines. The Bachelor of Arts in Visual & Fine Arts positions our students to meet the demands of the professional needs of the art world. This multidisciplinary exploration of creativity is a synergistic fusion of analog and digital arts. You will immerse yourself in the business of visual artistry and discover the importance of…

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The Bachelor of Arts in Theology provides students with a strong biblical and theological foundation for knowing God and making Him known in this world. The degree introduces students to historical, comparative, contemporary, and practical theologies, emphasizing both the historical unity and global diversity of the Church. Students also learn to biblically evaluate, creatively articulate, and practically apply doctrine, in order to faithfully participate…

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Air Force ROTC

WJU AFROTC cadets attend and complete their required courses here at Jessup. Additionally, our cadets will also take military classes with AF Detachment 88 (our host unit located at CSU, Sacramento). Our hope is that our WJU AFROTC graduates will lead with integrity and become the future leaders that will make positive impacts in tomorrow’s military.
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