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Liberal Studies

Graduates with a BA in Liberal Studies, and a Preliminary California Multiple Subject Credential are well‐equipped, highly‐principled individuals who understand diversity as a strength and who provide for individual differences in order to help their students prepare for a diverse and rapidly changing world. The graduate will have unique knowledge, skills and the ability to communicate clearly, understand and analyze concepts, and make judgments…

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Will a College Degree Really Help Me Get a Better Job?

Are you satisfied with your current job? Do you have nagging “what if” thoughts about going back to college?  You’re not alone.  Many adults wonder if completing their bachelor’s degree might help them get a better job, become more financially stable, or have a better work/life balance.  While more income is ideal, a “better job” doesn’t always equate to salary. It might mean more…

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Go Finish that College Degree

We’ve all had “what if” moments in our lives, especially when it comes to finishing our college degree. “What ifs” keep us up at night. They hinder progress and prevent us from following our dreams and achieving lifelong goals. But “what if” completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree on your time and schedule was possible? Wouldn’t it be worth checking out?  While completing a…

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Addiction Studies

Exclusive to Jessup University’s San Jose Campus, the Certificate Program for Addiction Studies is designed to develop an individual’s professional skills for a variety of roles in the social services fields of addiction. Students selecting this program will gain the critical skills needed to provide intervention, counseling, detox referrals, and to facilitate groups in recovery programs. Students may find employment in employee assistance programs,…

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Business Administration

WJU offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in the greater Sacramento Region as well as the Bay Area. This degree is designed to equip and prepare our graduates for success in our fast-changing domestic and international marketplace. Courses will sharpen your skills in leadership, project management, accounting, finance, and marketing as you learn to incorporate Christian principles and serve with excellence in…

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If you are seeking a highly practical bachelor’s degree program that can equip you to lead in a variety of settings, Jessup’s BS in Leadership degree will help you meet your goals. You can further tailor your degree to your career path by selecting a specialization in either organizational development or Christian ministry. Courses focus on building professional and relational leadership skills that are…

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The Bachelor of Science in Psychology is designed to develop an individual’s capacity for work in the helping professions in both secular and sacred settings. The program prepares Christians to lead individuals/groups to wholeness – body, soul, and spirit – using methods that are scripturally based, culturally sensitive, and clinically sound. Some will apply this degree to work within a mental health setting or…

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