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2021 Faculty of Theology's
Annual Spring Lecture

Join us for the 2021 Faculty of Theology's Annual Spring Lecture,

“Immigration and Christian Faith:
A Biblical Approach”

(“La inmigración y la fe cristiana: Un acercamiento bíblico”)

Thursday, February, 11th 2021 at 7:00pm PST


Meet the Speaker

Danny Carroll R. (Rodas) is the son of a Guatemalan mother and an American father, who himself was the son of Irish immigrants. Danny was raised bilingual and bicultural in Houston, Texas, and he spent many summers of his youth in Guatemala. Before returning to the U.S. in the summer of 1996, he was an Old Testament professor for 13 years at an interdenominational seminary in Guatemala City. He continues as adjunct professor there. His primary research interests are in prophetic literature and Old Testament social ethics. Danny has been involved in issues related to Hispanic immigration for many years and attends an Hispanic church. The fact that he is comfortable in both Hispanic and Anglo cultures helps Danny bring an irenic spirit and lots of personal experience to the immigration discussion.

Danny has a B.A. in English Literature from Rice University, a Th.M. in Old Testament from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a PhD in Old Testament from the University of Sheffield in England. He is Blanchard Professor of Old Testament in the Graduate School of Wheaton College. Before assuming his position at Wheaton College he was Distinguished Professor of Old Testament at Denver Seminary, where he founded a Spanish-language training program.

Purchase Danny’s book The Bible And Borders here.

Immigration is an important topic of our day with hundreds of millions of people on the move around the globe.
How might we think Christianly and be the church in a time of much tension, competing messages, vulnerability,
and need? What might a deep and biblically informed perspective on immigration look like?
Grounded in Scripture, this lecture will inform, encourage, and challenge our lens on immigration.

“From Genesis to Revelation, and everywhere in between, we see God’s love for the nations and for “all the families of the earth.” The status and treatment of immigrants, refugees, and sojourners are of paramount importance in the stories and commands of Scripture. How, then, should we think and act with respect to what many would consider a crisis in our nation’s immigration policies? Dr. Carroll’s lecture is a much-needed voice of wisdom on this imperative issue. May we all have ears to hear!”

-Libby Backfish, Ph.D, Faculty of Theology

The Purpose of the Spring Lecture Series:
To engage the community in a deeper theological reflection on important biblical and cultural topics.

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