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Bachelor of Arts

The emergent trend in artistic professions is excellence across multiple disciplines. The Bachelor of Arts in Visual & Fine Arts positions our students to meet the demands of the professional needs of the art world. This multidisciplinary exploration of creativity is a synergistic fusion of analog and digital arts. You will immerse yourself in the business of visual artistry and discover the importance of these disciplines in the context of your faith and calling.





The Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Fine Arts—with concentrations in fine arts, graphic design, cinematography/video, and photography—is a groundbreaking degree. This multi-disciplinary exploration of creativity viewed through the lens of a Judeo-Christian worldview is a synergistic fusion of the arts. Through both theoretical and practical coursework, students will grow their knowledge and skills in both analog and digital art. Students will also take business-related courses in order to learn how to market themselves. The ultimate goal of the program is to produce highly employable Christian leaders and entrepreneurs capable of vast, positive influence within the areas of the arts, entertainment, and media.

The curriculum of this program will give students a wide range of knowledge and skills. Students will focus on practical application, history, aesthetics, analysis, and management. The core offers a combination of experiential and theoretical classwork so that a student not only advances skill in the arts but also understands the context of the arts in culture from a Judeo-Christian perspective. The concentrations offer a more in-depth study in the areas of fine arts, graphic design, cinematography, and photography.

  • An informed Christian aesthetic and possess the ability to apply their aesthetic to various art forms and artistic media.
  • An increased knowledge of the history of the arts and/or specific media and practices.
  • The ability to effectively analyze art forms from an informed artistic sensibility as viewed through the lens of a Judeo-Christian worldview.
  • Cultivated technical skill sets in various artistic areas.
  • Acquisition of a broad knowledge and aesthetic appreciation of music literature through study and performance.
  • The ability to effectively serve the church and/or the community through practicing his or her art form.

Visual & Fine Arts

Animation (pending approval)
Arts Management
Fine Arts
Graphic Design

Program Courses
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The nature and purpose of the arts at William Jessup University is to illuminate truth about the human condition. Tell redemptive, transformative, and transpirational stories that examine our relationship with God and one another. Our goal is to bring beauty into a fallen world, serve the world through sacrifice of one’s own talents toward the betterment of society and culture while creating an authentic community of diverse individuals that join together for a common purpose. We invest in imagination, hope, and healing through the power of creation and the creative spirit.

We strive to position our Visual and Fine Arts students to meet the needs of the ever-changing art industry. Our students receive a variety of training and experience to bolster their portfolio while expanding their faith and knowledge base. – Marc Robertson


Marc Robertson, M.A.

Assistant Professor - The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences-Visual and Performing Arts Division


Emily Hill

Adjunct, Visual & Fine Arts

Tina Linvill

Adjunct, Visual & Fine Arts


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