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Bachelor of Arts

William Jessup University’s Public Policy Degree Program is dedicated to preparing tomorrow’s leaders today. This unique, multidisciplinary program integrates Christian education, political science and public administration to equip students for graduate school and careers in the public sector. The program develops Christian critical thinkers to analyze today’s issues, implement tomorrow’s policies, and lead our community, state, nation and world ethically and effectively.





The public policy degree program is designed to develop students’ knowledge and skills for service and leadership in public sector careers at the local, national, and international levels or for graduate studies in related fields. The public policy major will provide students with a biblical and theoretical foundation in public policy through course work in ethical, philosophical, historical, governmental, procedural, and managerial principles. The program will build on this foundation by offering direct experiences through seminars, internships, and events to develop practical skills and understanding for policymaking.

  • Understand biblical and ethical principles and standards and apply them to public policy issues and institutions.
  • Appreciate the significance of civil society and actively engage in civic participation.
  • Develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and management skills for policymaking and public administration.
  • Recognize and interrelate political structures, participants, and principles for policymaking and implementation.
  • Acquire and apply knowledge of American and comparative history and government to current events, issues, and institutions.
  • Acquire and apply knowledge of constitutional and international principles and organizations for governance, civic participation, and civil and human rights.
  • Identify and utilize effective and principled methods and approaches to political process, policy research and analysis, and public administration.
  • Integrate political knowledge and policy principles to practical public sector fields such as communications and media, criminal justice, economics and management, government and politics, and law and policy.

Public Policy

Criminal Justice
Government and Politics
Public Administration

Program Courses
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Andrew D. Carico, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor – The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Our goal is to help students develop the skills needed to be redemptive voices in the world of politics and policy, providing an education in the principles of government combined with practical training for influence in government at all levels. – Andrew Carico


Andrew D. Carico, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor - The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Keith Bolte, M.A., M.Ed.

Program Chair, Criminal Justice & Public Administration


Timothy Clark

Adjunct, Public Policy


Public Policy Institute Launch – Oct. 18th

On Thursday, October 18th 2018, William Jessup University will hold the launch event for the newly established Institute for Public Policy. The IPP will  creates resources, brings stakeholders together, and provides research-based solutions for policy makers in local and state government. This event will be held at the Rocklin Campus…


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