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Bachelor of Arts

The Digital Communication & Design program combines elements of a traditional Communication Studies degree (Social Media Marketing, Digital Journalism, Message Design) with a Digital Design degree (Video & Sound, Digital Imaging & Composition, Motion Graphics). These are the tools necessary to design and deliver messages to an inter-connected world. They are complementary skills, and the combination of the two produces graduates that are productive, insightful, and highly employable.





Digital Communication & Design is a New Degree for a Digital Age. It’s a Communication Studies program for the new millennium where creativity and technology meet. It’s a place to learn the skills that are indispensable for every organization, every business, and every ministry.

A digital world demands that universities today offer something beyond the traditional Communications Degree— a program that occupies the unique intersection of creative visual content and the contemporary media channels that allow any individual to reach the world through a keystroke or the click of a mouse.

Digital Communication & Design courses will give you the ability to design messages and deliver them to an inter-connected planet. Social Media & Journalism combine with Digital Imaging & Interactive Media to teach skills that are as essential as I.T. in today’s world.

  • Articulate how a variety of careers in their field of study, whether religious or secular, should be influenced by a Christian Worldview, and explain how their field of study is useful in service locally and globally.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking and professional writing skills, so as to be able to both produce and consume messages critically, including an understanding of how these skills can be effective across cultures.
  • Create engaging messages on contemporary media platforms, demonstrating the skills necessary for successful employment in the digital/online/mobile world.
  • Understand the research methods and measurement tools used to evaluate the effectiveness of messages of a variety of media platforms.
  • Collaborate with others, both as leader and participant, to produce work of high quality.

Visual & Fine Arts

Digital Design
Digital Media

Program Courses
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In addition to taking the “Journalism in the Digital Age” course on Jessup’s Rocklin campus, students in the Digital Comm Journalism Concentration will spend one exciting semester attending King’s College in New York. Students will experience academic classes at King’s College’s renowned Journalism program, and internship experiences at New York news outlets. Contact Lead Faculty Paul Robins for details on the Journalism Concentration and the King’s College Journalism Semester in New York.

Paul Robins

Lead Faculty

My goal is to see students leave Jessup as great communicators– storytellers– ready for whatever technology comes along in this rapidly changing digital world. – Paul Robins


Paul Robins

Lead Faculty, Digital Communication & Design - School of the Humanities & the Arts


Aaron Robbins

Adjunct, Digital Communication & Design

Al Moffatt, M.S.

Adjunct, Digital Communication & Design

Brian Kiley, M.Div.

Adjunct, Digital Communication & Design

Scott Fera, J.D.

Adjunct, Digital Communication & Design


As our world becomes more interconnected, there is a greater need for transformational leaders in the digital arena. Jessup’s Digital Communication and Design program addresses this critical need by strategically combining a traditional communication studies degree and a digital design degree, producing graduates who have the tools they need to…

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