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Below is just a small sample of courses you’ll take as a American Sign Language student at Jessup. This list is not a guide for course selection. It was created to give you a peek at the program’s academic offerings. For official program requirements, please see the current course catalog.

American Sign Language Minor (18 units)

This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of American Sign Language (ASL). It provides preparation for visual/gestural communication and includes basic information relating to Deaf culture, intensive work on comprehension skills, and grammatical structures. The course includes foundational Christian signs.

This course is a continuation of American Sign Language I. It enhances the student’s proficiency in ASL usage and stresses continued development of basic conversational skills with emphasis on vocabulary and expressive skills. The course also expands vocabulary and concepts acquired in ASLSI and includes additional Christian signs.

This course is a continuation of ASLSII. The course shifts from comprehension to production of ASL. It provides further study of vocabulary and grammatical patterns and continues to develop ASL competencies in numerous conversational settings. The course brings ASL fluency to a point of self-generated ASL for the purpose of furthering language use in ASL. It expands vocabulary and concepts acquired in ASLSII and continues to expand the range of Christian signs.

This course is a continuation of ASLSII. It provides advanced study of ASL grammar and offers advanced development and refinement of ASL skills and fluency. The course includes intensive work on expressive and receptive skills using a range of weekly topics including medical, food, expanded numbers, sports and storytelling signs to name a few. It expands vocabulary and concepts acquired in ASLSII and continues to expand the range of Christian signs.

ASLS301 | Introduction to American Deaf History and Culture
This is a lecture course with no prerequisite. This is not a signing skills class. Students study the history and culture of the American Deaf community. The course comprises lectures, guest speakers, videos, and text readings. Assessments involve in-class exams, research papers, and in-class presentations.

ASLS302 | Introduction to Deaf Art, Music and Theatre
This course provides an introduction to Deaf visual artists, musicians/song signers, and performing artists in theatre. Students also examine the role of Deaf individuals in each topic field and the role of American Sign Language (ASL).

ASLS370 | Worship and Creative Signs
In this course, students learn to sign Christian signs and creative signs beyond what is learned in ASLSI. Topics include Christian songs, hymns, prayers, poems, and biblical stories. The course also teaches students to sign in a creative way beyond basic conversational skills. Topics include signing songs, poems, skits, jokes, children’s stories, and more.

ASLS371 | Introduction to Deaf Theatre: Stage Production
This course examines the history of Deaf Theatre and provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of American Sign Language theatre. Students study and produce an ASL stage play at the end of the course.

ASLS375 | Experiential Learning
This course expands the student’s knowledge of career opportunities in the field of sign language. Part of the course involves students assisting an instructor in an ASL classroom at WJU. The rest of the course is “in the field” at an appointed location of interest to the student. The objective of this course is to expand the student’s ASL skill and expose them to specific career opportunities.

ASLS491 | American Sign Language Teaching Field Experience
In this field-based course, students learn about the development of syllabi and lesson plans, selection of curriculum resources, class activities, evaluation techniques and professionalism for teaching American Sign Language.

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